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Chapter 229: Leaving the Human Mountain World

After using his spiritual energy to investigate, Ye Changge discovered that Ning Manman and Mo Ling had not gone far. They had actually returned to the inn to wait for him.

“How did you run away? Are you feeling unwell?”

Ye Changge asked with concern. He had hurried to the inn and now looked at the two people who were quietly sitting on the bed.

Lu Yushu’s strength was too terrifying. Ye Changge guessed that he did not pay attention to these two at all, and did not have the slightest desire to make a move on them.

Making a move to kill a qi disciple and a middle three realms person.

It was too tiring.

“I just ran straight away. Seeing that you were suddenly sucked in, Ning Manman pulled me up and ran out.”

Mo Ling raised her head and blinked her big eyes as she looked at Ye Changge and said with some confusion.

“He didn’t stop you?”

Ye Changge was a little worried and asked a concerned question. He grabbed the two people’s hands and carefully checked their bodies to see if anything had been planted. “…”

After finding the mark left by her father in Mo Ling’s body, Ye Changge could not find any other abnormalities.

After destroying it, he summoned the divine sword and said to the two of them,

“Alright, come on up. Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

Ning Manman was a little confused. Since the matter had been resolved, shouldn’t they take the spatial teleportation array in the Emperor’s palace to the Great Xia World?

“In the Demon Emperor World, we have to make a run for it first. Then, I’ll go back and advance, and then we’ll go to the Great Xia World to take revenge.”

Ye Changge lifted the two of them onto the flying swords and activated them. Then, he slowly explained, “The last person to appear is Devil Lord Lu Yushu. His strength is two realms higher than mine. I can’t beat him.

“So, I was so worried about your safety just now. It’s really great that you’re fine.

“Fortunately, I caused some damage after entering the Human Mountain Seal. Now, he’s busy solving the problem inside. Otherwise, I might not be able to come find you alive.

“Let’s go to the Demon Emperor World to settle some things first and ask for directions. After I return to the mortal world where I was born to advance, we’ll go to the Great Xia World to look for trouble with them.”

After listening to Ye Changge’s explanation, the two little girls nodded and sat quietly.

The divine sword flew in the sky, blowing up the long hair that Ye Changge had draped over his shoulders. His white clothes fluttered in the wind, making him look like an immortal.

Soon, they returned to the ruins of the Freedom Palace.

Ye Changge did not give up and used the Spectator’s Freedom Scripture once more

There was no reaction at all, and the old woman no longer reacted.

Letting out a long sigh, Ye Changge put away his cultivation technique.

After searc

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