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Chapter 226: The Power of the Human Mountain Seal

The space was very quiet. There was not a single sound.

Only a thick fog quietly floated three feet away.

There seemed to be light above his head. Through the thick fog, it appeared pure white.

There was no clear wind, no slow water.

It was as if there was nothing in this world but the fog.

Ye Changge also suspected for a moment that he was hallucinating.

There was also the sound of iron and stone colliding in this kind of place.

It was like the sound of hard steel scraping against the ground.

It should be very far away. The sound that Ye Changge heard was very small and very subtle.

But he was very sure that there was a sound!

Ye Changge looked to the left, through the thick white fog.

His bright eyes seemed to see through the thick fog, and he had a faint smile on his face.

“You’re not coming out?”

Ye Changge said softly, then stood rooted in place for a while. He looked ahead to the left and asked again.

There was no response.

It was so quiet that it was as if nothing had happened just now. It was completely an illusion.

Ye Changge sensed that something was wrong.

But Ye Changge, who was already in the godly spirit realm, did not believe that something bad would happen to him.

Ye Changge walked over there in large strides, walking in the direction where he had heard the sound before.

The fog was still the same. With every step Ye Changge took, the fog receded.

The distance the white fog retreated became shorter and shorter.

After walking for a while, the white fog gradually turned black.

After entering the place, the light in the entire space disappeared.

Although it looked no different from the outside world, Ye Changge felt a sense of darkness.



It was as if he had entered an area filled with demonic qi. There were all kinds of strange creatures lurking in the dark, spying on him.

Ye Changge’s expression was the same as usual. He was not afraid at all and continued to walk forward.

Then, pitch-black chains appeared.

The entire space was occupied by pitch-black chains, like a lush forest.

The thick chains towered into the sky, like a giant ancient tree.

The chains walked forward.

The endless pitch-black chains were entangled together, and one could vaguely see the outline of a person.

That person’s head was facing down, his feet were facing the sky, and he was suspended upside down in the sky.

“Who are you?”

Ye Changge asked softly. He guessed that the voice he heard was from him.

Could it be a cry for help?

No matter how one looked at it, this person was bound by the chains, unable to leave.

He was like a prisoner.

After coming over for a while, seeing that the man did not respond, Ye Changge asked another question.

He carefully observed the human figure that was bound by the thick chains.

The man did not spea

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