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Chapter 234: The Path to the Dao Heart of the Strong

Ye Changge looked at their curious expressions and smiled faintly. He did not say anything.

This made them become overwhelmed with curiosity.

Not only did these people’s thirst for knowledge not disappear, they became even more eager. They looked at Li Tu. They were obviously trying to find out information about Ye Changge through Li Tu.

After all, Li Tu had saved his life, and their relationship was the best.

This did not escape Ye Changge’s eyes. Of course, even if he knew, he would not be disgusted.

On this continent, there were many people who knew of his realm. It was no longer a secret.

Moreover, from the beginning, Ye Changge had not thought of hiding it. They did not ask. Even if he took the initiative to say it, they would not believe it.

In the future, they would always find out.

Li Tu clearly understood what they meant. He rubbed his hands in embarrassment and said, “Big Brother Ye…”

Before he could finish his words, he was stopped by Ye Changge.

“Big Brother Li, you called me Big Brother. I shouldn’t have done that.” Ye Changge hurriedly moved his body away.

Although on this continent, those who had reached the top were the teachers. There was no such thing as age, and strength represented status.

However, the elder brother in front of him had saved his life. He was a good person and knew how to take care of his subordinates. It could be said that he was a simple and honest elder brother.

This feeling was heavy.

Although Li Tu did not save him, it was not a big problem. If he encountered any demonic beasts, he had countless ways to kill them.

But without a doubt, he would waste a lot of effort. It was impossible for him to recover his strength so quickly.

After just one day of interaction, Ye Changge had already acknowledged this person. This was done willingly.

Otherwise, even if you saved him a thousand times, Ye Changge would not acknowledge you as a person. At most, he would use other methods to return this favor to you. This person was not willing to get directly involved.

Li Tu’s body trembled, as if he had understood something.

The others looked surprised. They obviously did not expect that Ye Changge would be so modest.

Like those powerful martial artists, they all had an ice-cold aura around them. Within thirty feet of them, it looked as if no one was allowed to enter. The tension was ridiculously high.

There were too few people like Ye Changge.

It could even be said that they had never seen him before.

In the world of martial arts, the hierarchy was very strict. Each level had a relatively distinct title. What kind of expert one should use, what kind of method, was certain.

Respectful, respectful.

However, the situation they had encountered today made Li Tu realize that this was not set in stone. For example, Ye Changge.

An earth-level expert, even if placed in a

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