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Chapter 242: The Demon Bear That Was on the Verge of Breaking Apart

Ye Changge had already lost his patience and was about to stretch out his finger to kill this demon bear.

Three days had already passed since the spatial tunnel had been shattered. Ning Manman’s whereabouts were still unknown, and he had to find her as soon as possible.

The spatial turbulence was too terrifying. Even with his strength, he had suffered very serious injuries.

Ning Manman would definitely not be any better.

Although he had used his spiritual energy to protect Ning Manman at the critical moment, he could not rest assured until he saw her.

When Li Tu and the others saw Ye Changge make his move, they looked at the demon bear with a mocking expression.

They were filled with endless emotions.

You said you were fine, but you ran out and blocked the path of an Emperor. Are you not courting death!?

Even if it wanted to die, this was not the way to do it.

At this moment, under everyone’s astonished gazes, the demon bear suddenly knelt on the ground.

It said, “I am Barth, the little bear. I unintentionally offended you, sir. I beg you to show mercy.”

Its expression was filled with fear.

From the attack just now, it deeply understood that the people in front of it were not people it could provoke. To be able to neutralize its attack without being noticed was already very terrifying.

It would be very easy to kill it.

But what was even more terrifying was yet to come.

There was actually an Emperor among them. This was really courting death.

It actually came out to look for excitement and blocked the path of an Emperor. Thinking of this, its soul was almost scared out of its wits.

Moreover, even if the other party was not an Emperor, it was at least a quasi-emperor.

Ye Changge was not someone he could afford to provoke.

Such an expert did not even need to make a move. A casual breath of air could shatter his soul.

He did not expect to be alive after offending an Emperor.

This was not because Ye Changge was soft-hearted, but because the Emperor had a powerful soul skill that could pierce through the soul of others with a single glance.

From just now, Ye Changge could tell that the demon bear had never left the northern desert. It had been living here ever since it was born.

Other than cultivating, it had always stayed in the cave. This was actually its first time coming out.

If it had not sensed the spiritual essence of heaven and earth, it would probably still be immersed in cultivation. Therefore, if it was any other demon beast, it would have started fighting long ago.

And it was just a silly kid who had just come out of the green grass.

Ye Changge did not say anything, his face still as calm as ever.

But when Li Tu and the others saw the arrogant and insufferably arrogant bear cower so quickly, they could not help but smile.

“Aren’t you very arrogant? You cowe

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