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Chapter 237: Kneeling On One Knee and Kowtowing to a Great Benefactor


Li Tu’s subordinates all sucked in a breath of cold air.

Was this Senior Ye’s strength?

It was too terrifying!

“Did you see that? Senior Ye only moved his fingers, and in an instant, Brother Li’s injuries were all healed.”

“Inconceivable. The destructive power of the heavenly tribulation is the most terrifying. Without a numinous treasure grade spirit herb, it’s simply impossible to recover.”

“Could it be that the power that Senior Ye casually unleashed is comparable to a numinous treasure grade medicinal pill?”

They were truly shocked.

This had already happened a number of times, and they had lost count.

Anyway, from the moment they met Senior Ye, they seemed to have turned into idiots. They were shocked at everything.


The final bolt of heavenly lightning was finally ready.

This was the final test, and also the most powerful bolt of heavenly lightning. It was terrifyingly majestic and mighty, oppressing everyone until they couldn’t breathe.

Moreover, this bolt of tribulation lightning was clearly several times stronger than the previous one, and as thick as an ancient tree.

The color also turned pitch-black. The few heavenly punishments before were all white, but this bolt of divine lightning was pitch-black. Its entire aura was also the sum of the previous few bolts.

When the others saw such a terrifying divine punishment, they all wore anxious expressions. Although Senior Ye was here, the one who had truly withstood the tribulation was Li Tu.

If he were to overcome his own tribulation, others could not do it for him.

This heavenly lightning was so terrifying. They did not know if Brother Li would be able to withstand it. If anything were to happen, sigh…

But now, they clearly had no other way and could only silently pray.

They glanced at Senior Ye and saw that his expression was extremely calm, as if he was not worried at all.

That was right, he was not worried at all.

It was just a mere bolt of lightning. It was a small matter. With Li Tu’s current cultivation, it would be extremely easy for him to endure it.

At this moment, the lightning in the sky finally descended.

Li Tu directly charged forward. His fist erupted with an intense light. With the power from before, he discovered that his strength had multiplied a hundred times over.

The two powerful forces directly collided, producing an earth-shattering sound.

The surrounding space seemed to echo the shattering. Circles of ripples frantically spread out in all directions. It was as if someone had thrown a stone into still water.

A terrifying might swept out in all directions.

In the next moment, Li Tu directly picked up this bolt of lightning and lashed it out like a whip, directly scattering the tribulation clouds in the sky.

Just a moment ago, he actually discovered that this tribulation

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