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Chapter 222: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada and the Oriole Follows Behind

Mo Wu was not a fool.

To be able to cultivate to the godly spirit realm, it meant that his life experience was also very extensive. He understood what he could do and what he could not do.

It was just that he did not like to think normally.

He now understood that his main task was to protect this world’s most precious treasure, the Human Mountain Seal.

This was not only a task given by his superior… it was also a task that he had put in so many years of hard work to accomplish.

He had already spent hundreds of years in the lower realm for this item.

He had given up on the glory of the upper realm and the abundant resources that the sect could enjoy.

He had come to the lower realm to complete this mission.

In exchange for the chance to enter that mystic realm, he had a chance to steadily break through to the godly realm.

In addition to the second and third brothers who were already in the deity realm, the Mo family could steadily gain a foothold in the Devil Fiend Sect and even the Great Xia World, becoming a large cultivation aristocratic family.

However, if this mission was to fail, then everything would be for naught.

Not only would the hundreds of years of time be wasted, but they would also not be unable to obtain the devil lord’s reward.

There would also be a considerable punishment.

This would be a great blow to the entire Mo family.

Therefore, Mo Wu was now trying his best to avoid this kind of discovery.

Previously, he had already neglected the use of people. He did not expect that his grandson would actually choose to defect at this critical juncture.

The situation could be said to be very terrible. The heavenly and earthly strange objects were about to mature, and he needed to subdue them. There were still enemies lurking behind.

He did not know who exactly they were.

Was there really only one supreme elder from the Inner Demon Sect?

Would the others come out of seclusion?

After all, this world’s most valuable treasure, the Human Mountain Seal, was so special that even the demon master was tempted.

It was understandable that the entire Inner Demon Sect had come out in full force.

However, it was still not too late to make amends.

The smartest big brother, Mo Xue, had already lost his ability to move due to the secret techniques of the Inner Demon Sect.

He could only make his own decisions.

He could not count on second brother.

The most suitable thing for him now was to fight back.

After much hesitation, Mo Wu followed his heart and planned to seek help from the sect.

Even if he had to share some of the credit, it did not matter. It was better than being punished.

Thinking of this, Mo Wu immediately took out a jade slip.

He crushed it.

The devil lord’s terrifying aura appeared.



“What is it?”

The devil

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