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Chapter 224: Reinforcements From the Three Elders of the Mo Family

“Pick up the sword!”

On the other side of the palace, the teleportation array suddenly lit up with a bright light.

Someone was coming.

Ye Changge looked over. With such a dense spatial aura, it should be someone from the upper realm.

At the same time, it was said that causing such a strong spatial fluctuation was impossible.

Before the light from the spatial fluctuation dissipated, that person’s voice had already sounded.

Then, a majestic aura shot toward Ning Manman, who was venting her hatred.

It was the power of the godly realm, and Ning Manman could not withstand it at all!

Unless there was a defensive divine artifact. Otherwise, a single strike from a god realm expert could kill an existence below the Emperor Realm.

Even an Emperor Realm expert would not be able to survive the second strike.

Ye Changge acted decisively and stopped him.

After dispersing the attack, a figure quickly appeared at the entrance of the forbidden area.

“He actually killed my son in front of me, Mo Tian, the grand elder of the Devil Fiend Sect?”

The old man’s voice was extremely majestic. One look and one could tell that he was someone who had been in a high position for many years.

However, this was useless against Ye Changge.

After defeating his enemies for many years, he had developed an unwavering confidence.

Through the information in his words, it was clearly the grand elder of the Devil Fiend Sect, the Mo clan’s patriarch who had been in seclusion for many years.

Mo Tian.

Ye Changge scanned with his spiritual senses and could see that this person’s cultivation had already taken half a step past the heavenly chasm above the godly spirit realm.

He had stepped into the realm of domain.

From time to time, he would cause the space around him to distort. That was a sign that the domain was about to form.

“Hmph, this little girl actually dares to hurt people of my family. Even if you go to heaven or the underworld, you won’t be able to survive.”

Mo Tian looked at Ning Manman, who was holding a divine sword and slashing Mo Wen and Mo Wu until they were covered in blood. He glared at her and said in an imposing manner.

It was as if the Emperor, who had a heavenly constitution in his mouth, had announced the death date of a mortal. It gave people a feeling that his words were law.

“Ning Manman, kill one. I’ll see what he can do to you today.”

Ye Changge would not be frightened by this. Emperor? God?

You know that you’re blocking my path. No matter who you are, you must die!

He immediately asked Ning Manman to kill one. How dare the grand elder of a small Devil Fiend Sect act so impudently?

Ye Changge did not even need to lift a finger to kill him. It had not been one day since he crossed that heavenly chasm.

Ning Manman nodded and immediately took action.

Mo Wu, the most talented

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