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Chapter 97: The Irritated Sacred Lord Qiankun, Li Shiyi Had Arrived

“We definitely can’t give it to him. According to some people, the Hidden Edge Sect has asked for too many things.”

Bai Silin said.

“I’ve already asked someone to keep an eye on Li Shiyi. Once he comes near or if he comes to us, report it immediately.”

Although she didn’t get a clear list, she didn’t know how many things the Hidden Edge Emperor had taken from the Heavenly Dao Academy.

However, she was still shocked when she gathered all the bits and pieces of information.

What kind of sacred items were those?!

She would feel heartbroken if she lost even one of them.

It was obvious that the Hidden Edge Emperor had taken more than just those items from the Heavenly Dao Academy.

“What should we do?”

Lin Yifang did not know what to do when he heard Bai Silin’s question.

At the same time, he felt extremely aggrieved.

The sacred land had always been the only one who went to take things from other forces. Now, they were being bullied by others.

As the leader of the sacred land, he would not admit his mistake.

If it were not for the Qiankun Pavilion and Hongwu Holy Dynasty pressuring the Heavenly Dao Academy, they would not have incurred so much bad luck.

“How about if he takes out the list, we give him something as a token?”

Upon hearing the suggestion, Lin Yifang was still very frustrated.

The items on the list were too precious.

He really did not want to hand them over at all.

“We can’t avoid giving them. Although our Qiankun Pavilion also has Emperor artifacts, we can’t face the Hidden Edge Emperor alone.”

Bai Silin began to advise Lin Yifang.

“The problem is, what if we give him less and he doesn’t agree? No one knows where his bottom line is.”

Giving a heavenly treasure of this level already made him feel as if he was cutting out his heart.

If he wanted more, he would feel terrible.

Bai Silin was also conflicted.

Sacred land forces like them were also forced to face a choice.

It was just like how they had oppressed other weak forces.

“How about we contact the people of the Hongwu Holy Dynasty right now? Based on Li Shiyi’s stance, he definitely isn’t finished.”

Lin Yifang knew what she meant.

However, in his heart, the alliance of the two sacred lands was still unable to resist the current Hidden Edge Emperor.

Just as the two of them were in a dilemma…


A red light flew into the room.

Bai Silin received it. It was a small flying sword.

Her expression changed drastically when she glanced at the contents of the flying sword.

“According to our tests, Li Shiyi has already come to our side. He has increased his speed. He’s very fast!”

Lin Yifang’s face also darkened.

“What do you mean by increasing his speed? Is he impatient and does he want to take something from my Qiankun Pavilion?”

They looked at each other.

As the two

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