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Chapter 92: The Conditions For Removing the Seal

“I didn’t expect that the strongest being would be reborn in this life. It seems that the will of the Mortal World has also acted.”

Ye Changge did not expect that even Emperor Zhulu would acknowledge that the Heavenly Star Emperor had been the strongest emperor.

“Heavenly Star Emperor is really the strongest Emperor. All of you acknowledge her?”

“Of course. In our perception, the Heavenly Star Emperor’s achievements are the greatest. She’s one of the few people who can possibly surpass the Emperor realm.”

Ye Changge once understood Yu Tianxing’s potential. He nodded in satisfaction.

He swept his gaze over the Qi Huang people.

“We’ve talked about the most important matter. Now it’s time for us to talk about the Qi Huang clan’s situation.”

“It’s a long story. Let me explain the specifics to you.”

Emperor Zhulu then explained the Qi Huang clan to Ye Changge.

These people were a unique race born naturally from heaven and earth.

They could be considered as a branch of the human race.

However, unlike the human race, the Qi Huang clan was born with a thirst for the aura of death.

They were extremely good at walking the path of slaughter, collecting death, the aura of death, and the aura of ghosts.

With their great talent in cultivation, the Qi Huang clan caused a bloodbath in the world.

When Emperor Zhulu came into being, the Qi Huang clan’s strength had reached its peak.

There were many quasi-emperors in the clan.

Moreover, they all cultivated slaughter-type cultivation techniques, so their combat strength was extremely strong.

Emperor Zhulu, who had a benevolent heart, couldn’t stand it. The battle between the two sides soon broke out.

Emperor Zhulu also carried the legacy of Emperor Ci Wei, and his power was even stronger than ordinary emperors.

Soon, he killed the quasi-imperial capital of the Qi Huang clan, and the entire Qi Huang clan was sealed deep underground in the eastern region.

However, Emperor Zhulu was a benevolent emperor.

He deduced the heavenly secrets and gave the Qi Huang clan a chance to live.

In his speculation, the Qi Huang clan’s thirst for ghost qi, killing qi, and blood Qi was innate.

He had to find a way to reverse this thirst.

Close to the depths of the Earth, there was a powerful earth pulse power.

The Earth qi emitted was another manifestation of the world’s spiritual qi.

This Earth qi was absorbed by the Qi Huang clan’s cultivation.

After millennia of evolution, their physique had changed.

In order to prevent the Qi Huang clan from having a breakdown and losing their faith, he transformed into an Earth God and gave them guidance.

He also used his powerful strength to leave behind images of his avatars using the array formation and paid attention to them

“Right now, the Qi Huang clan’s thirst for killing intent has been replaced by Earth qi.”


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