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Chapter 115: Not Enough Spiritual Essence? Paradise!

The sacred lands fell into a state of panic.

Many people began to re-analyze the possibility of Ye Changge’s success.

Countless places were engaged in heated discussions.

“That… didn’t people say that the Hidden Edge Emperor doesn’t have enough materials of sufficient quality? What is he taking out now?”

“Uh, maybe those sacred lands gave it to him?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Although the sacred lands gave him some materials, they were competitors. How could they give him the key materials?”

“Then tell me, where did these materials come from?”

“I’m not sure either. But no matter what, it all comes down to this: the emperor is extremely powerful!”

“Nonsense! You’re wasting time watching the Emperor.”

Countless mortals raised their heads to look at the water screen, and drooled.

Even more cultivators stared at the images in a daze.

Any material given to them could help them be reborn.

Of course, it could also make their bones disappear.

Lian Yunfeng also looked at the images in the water screen in disbelief.

Unlike ordinary mortals and cultivators, he could recognize that many of the materials came from sacred lands.

“Unbelievable, simply unbelievable! How can he raise the quality of these heavenly materials and earthly treasures by such a wide margin?”

He shook his head and praised.

Someone had known his identity long ago and had been watching him. Hearing this, many people asked for his opinion.

Lian Yunfeng thought for a while and sighed.

“Sigh, although I don’t understand how the Emperor made these materials so good, I still don’t think highly of the Emperor’s next move.”

Taking a sip of wine, he continued to analyze.

“The Emperor doesn’t just lack those materials, there are many other existences.”

“For example, the chaotic qi of heaven and earth, the killing intent of the human world, and other illusory yet real and strange materials.”

“The materials sent by the sacred lands can be strengthened, but some materials are also not available in the sacred lands. Now that the entire world doesn’t have them, where can we get them?”

“Difficult, difficult, difficult!”

Lian Yunfeng was very hopeful that Ye Changge could succeed.

In his heart, if he could really witness the restoration of the Giant Pillar, it would be like opening the door to a new world.

Having almost reached the pinnacle of artifact refinement in the Mortal World, he really wanted to see what was above it. He really wanted to continue breaking through.

Because of Lian Yunfeng’s status and ability, many people paid attention to him.

Very quickly, with the intention of the sacred lands’ forces of spreading the news, his analysis spread throughout the Mortal World.

The people of the world who had just raised their expectations for Ye Changge’s actions were once again surpassed.

Heavenly Star City

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