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Chapter 105: The Sacred Land Surrendered, and the Live Broadcast Began

The meeting hosted by the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy continued.

“Then what exactly are we going to do now?”

“We can only calm the situation for now. Only after the grand array has been set up will we be able to avenge ourselves.”

“How are we going to calm the situation? The Mountain Shifting Sect has already been moved.”

Although they saw hope, the sacred lords still had a headache over exactly how to act.

“Why don’t we agree to his conditions first and give him the materials he needs?”

The Vast Sea Pavilion’s master spoke first.

“What? Are you crazy? Do you know how precious those things are?”

“Impossible! Our sacred land has gone through so many years and only managed to accumulate the resources within the sect. How can we give them up so easily?”

“Perhaps if we use them properly, our sacred land can produce an Emperor! How can we give such precious materials to him?”

“Li Yuanying, are you crazy? Weren’t you the one who objected most in the beginning?”

Amidst the excited chatter of the sacred lords, the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy stood on Li Yuanying’s side.

“I think this might be a solution. Everyone, don’t be anxious. Listen to my analysis.”

After everyone calmed down, he continued. “It’s a fact that we don’t have a way to fight the Hidden Edge Emperor right now.”

“Even if we’re angry now, we can only admit this. But that’s the case for now, it won’t be the case in the future.”

“He collected the materials to set up a World Barrier. This is something that will never succeed no matter what.”

“When that time comes, even if he is increasing his strength, if he fails, his vitality will be greatly damaged!”

Many sacred lords had already recovered from the shock.

“You mean we purposely let him refine the array so that we can take advantage of his failure?”

Li Yuanying nodded and continued.

“It’s not enough for him to fail. We still need to increase our strength.”

“With the strength he revealed, we have to admit that it’s far beyond our expectations.”

“When the Hidden Edge Emperor fails to set up the World Barrier and his vitality is severely damaged, our Emperor artifact formation would be successfully set up and our strength will increase.”

“Under this situation, he will definitely lose!”

The main tone of the meeting had already been set.

The sacred lords started to argue.

“We have lost too much by providing these materials. In the future, we want 10% of the gains of the Hidden Edge Sect and the benefits of controlling the world!”

“You’re crazy! Nearly 20 sacred lands have provided Emperor weapons. What right do you have to directly ask for 10%?!”

“In the Emperor Weapon Formation, the status of the forces with Emperor weapons will definitely rise. If you suffer losses in the early stages, you can recover them in the later stages.”


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