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Chapter 100: Array Path Temple and Heavenly Legacy Sect Had Their Differences

After spreading the news, Ye Changge continued to refine the array formation.

He had obtained the materials for the core of the array formation, the space lotus seed, so he wanted to try refining the first core.

In the Myriad Flowers World, the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror was bustling with people.

Many refiners and array masters entered a state of revelry.

Wu Yunfei was still focused on studying.

In his mind, the figure in the waterfall was his teacher.

Although they didn’t have the title of master and disciple, the relationship of master and disciple was implied.

“After I successfully repair the south pole hole of the Myriad Flowers World, I will find a way to break through the world and go to that world to be his student!”

After making the wish in his heart, Wu Yunfei studied earnestly.

Because he wanted to collect materials from the Mortal World and publicize the great calamity of heaven and earth.

Therefore, Ye Changge did not cut off the heavenly Dao divination. Instead, he allowed the people of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy to observe his artifact refinement.

In the Heavenly Tower of Legacy.

The people of the Array Path Temple were once again in a state of shock.

Their actions were no different from those of the array formation masters of the Myriad Flowers World.

The lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy understood the situation these people were in very well.

After all, fortune-telling and divination were things that the Heavenly Tower of Legacy liked.

In this aspect, whether it was refining artifacts, medicine, or arrays, they all had the same effect.

“What do you all think of what the Hidden Edge Emperor said?”

“What do you mean, what do I think?”

Cheng He, the Array Path Temple lord, who was paying close attention to the image of the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy, replied half-heartedly.

The lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy was helpless.

“You’d better communicate with me seriously, or I’ll stop the projection of the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy.”

Cheng He, who was paying close attention to the image of the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy, shuddered when he heard this.

“You fool, speak quickly! Don’t waste my time!”

He was very dissatisfied with being threatened.

“I say, what do you think about what the Hidden Edge Emperor said about refining the World Barrier?”

“Great! This is a great thing!”

It was the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy’s turn to be stunned.

He had never thought of or received such an answer.

“This is the Giant Pillar! An existence that surpasses even the gods! Even the Emperor cannot compare to such an existence! He wants to repair the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World!”

“Not only that, he also wants to create the World Barrier and envelop the entire Heavenly Mortal World in this array formation. He is the ma

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