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“Tens of thousands of years, just waiting for today! Grand array, Rise!”

The Nether Lord’s decree sounded.

The pillar of light on the altar began to twist violently.

“Grand array, Rise!”

The voice of the Nether Lord came from the altar.

The pillar of light became even thicker.

The corners of Ye Changge’s mouth curled up.

“I see. The Asura Ghost Region’s ambition to unify the eastern region and their recent actions are all for this.”

In that instant, he understood what these people wanted to do.

This altar was very magical.

It used these people’s strange powers and the power of faith as its motivation.

The light pillar that was shot out connected to the array formation on the ground.

According to Ye Changge’s deduction, the top of this light pillar should be near the central region.

Through this period of investigation, he had already understood the basic structure of the array formation.

“The position of the destructive array targets the Hidden Edge Sect. No wonder I didn’t feel anything strange even after being up there for so long.”

“If they want to use this method to open the array, they have to get my approval first.”

Smiling, Ye Changge raised his palm, and a beam of divine light shot into the array seal.

At the altar, the Nether Lord was still carefully guiding the energy passage.

The power of faith of the Qi Huang clan was too huge. In order to prevent the altar from being destroyed, a realm-breaking powerhouse like him was needed to stabilize the energy passage.

As time slowly passed, all of the Qi Huang clan’s faces were filled with anticipation.

However, the Nether Lord’s smile slowly vanished.

He sensed that something was wrong.

It had been too long!

Why did it take so long for the altar to connect to the ground and at the same time, to move the formation?

Why did the array not formation change at all?!

The Nether Lord’s expression became more and more serious.

“Nether Lord!”

Finally, after so long, he started to feel a bit anxious.

“Nether Lord, what’s the matter?”

On the other end of the altar, ghost lord from the Asura Ghost Region’s headquarters asked.

He also felt strange.

As one of the array formations, if the sealing array formation changed, the Asura Ghost Region’s headquarters should also react.

“Is there any change to the formation?”

Nether Lord asked.

He could not use the soul consciousness of the altar to communicate, so he could only speak.

He was also worried that the Qi Huang clan, who were praying, would become anxious and affect the energy supply of the altar.

He could only ask half-heartedly.

“There’s no change at the moment. But what happened?”

The Ghost Lord’s puzzled voice was heard as well.

Hearing this, yellow spring’s face turned black.

“What’s going on? Is there something wrong with the method of unsealing?”

The Ghost Lord’s voice continued.


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