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Chapter 95: Master’s Orders, Lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy

The ancestral mausoleum shook.

Changes appeared on the hundreds of tombstones.

Ye Changge raised his hand and pressed down, stopping all the changes.

“This junior is only here to meet the seniors. All of you have worked hard, so there’s no need for you to get up.”

“My cave heaven arcane realm is rich in spiritual essence. It will definitely be of great help to the seniors.”

Then, he nodded at Ding Xingbo and Ye Changge disappeared.

Only the patriarchs who were still in shock were left.

“What is this cave heaven? What kind of spiritual land is it? Why is there such dense spiritual qi?”

Some patriarchs muttered to themselves.

“I heard that the sacred land of the central region has small, strange spaces that become the secret realms of the sects, such as the Mountain of Books and the Sea of Learning of the Heavenly Dao Academy.”

“I feel that this cave is much stronger than that secret realm.”

“That’s for sure. How can the Emperor’s work be inferior to those so-called sacred lands?”

Some of the elders were smug.

“Um, seniors, according to what the Hidden Edge Emperor said earlier, he almost destroyed the Mountain of Books and the Sea of Learning.”

Sect Leader Ding took another dose of medicine.

As expected, a heated discussion broke out.

If a mortal came here and saw so many tombstones making noise, he would probably be scared out of his wits.

The Hidden Edge Sect, who had returned to Reclining Firewood Peak, cleaned up their inventory.

“This is a big harvest. I can set up the World Barrier even faster.”

He calculated in his head.

“Since the Heavenly Dao Academy is so rich, what about the remaining sacred lands?”

Ye Changge was looking forward to attaining the inventories of the other sacred lands.

Ye Changge still had two enemies.

The Qiankun Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty; those two were the real enemies.

These sacred lands were rich anyway.

By using the materials they looted to set up a World Barrier, everyone in the Mortal World would benefit.

Ye Changge did not have any worries.

“Good job picking up the remains. Next, when we go to the Hongwu Holy Dynasty and the Qiankun Pavilion, you do the same.”

He scanned the Mortal World with his spiritual sense and contacted Li Shiyi picking up the remains.

Li Shiyi who was picking up the remains was already used to his master giving him orders from thousands of miles away.

“Yes! I promise to complete the mission!”

He quickly understood what Ye Changge meant.

Li Shiyi, who was already on his way to the other two sacred lands, sped up.

Ye Changge then connected his consciousness to Yu Tianxing.

“Disciple, just give me the materials you have on you. Do you have any other places where you can get these materials?”

Yu Tianxing, who was flying at high speed, smiled.

“Master! I also know many

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