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Chapter 113: Heavenly Star City’s Panic, Starting to Repair the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World

“Sacred land. Hehe, no matter what, we can’t work together again.”

“As the perpetrators, you’ve forgotten what you’ve done in the blink of an eye. As the victims, how can we let it go so easily?”

Flames were burning in Murong Sheng’s eyes.

“This time, with the help of the Hidden Edge Emperor, the Murong family will make you pay!”

In the Murong family’s plan, Ye Changge was bound to fail.

Although the Murong family had sent over almost all the treasures they had collected to show their sincerity in cooperating with the sacred land alliance, they still had other plans.

In reality, they had other plans.

Their plan was the same as what the sacred lords in the sacred land conference had thought. They would be led by Ye Changge and assisted by many experts.

Whether it was the Qi Huang clan, the guest elders on the quasi-emperor list, or the five quasi-emperors of the Murong clan.

No sacred land would be able to stop this powerful alliance, even if they had a portion of the Emperor Weapon Array’s power.

Thus, Murong Sheng was waiting for Ye Changge to give up on refining the Giant Pillars.

They had already made all the preparations.

Other than those who knew of Ye Changge’s true abilities, there were many others who did not think highly of his actions.

After all, Lian Yunfeng’s status made his words very convincing.

As long as someone paid attention to the evidence given, it would be very easy to verify.

There was a problem with the array that the Hidden Edge Emperor had refined. It was impossible to successfully cultivate the Giant Pillar.

This was because there was a lack of materials of sufficient quality.

It was unlikely that one could create something out of nothing. No one could create a magical treasure out of thin air.

Furthermore, what he wanted to repair was a godly existence like the Giant Pillar.

Heavenly Star City.

Gong Feifan was panicking.

He was not the only one. All the higher-ups in Heavenly Star City were panicking.

They had already heard from Yu Tianxing that the Hidden Edge Emperor was the master of the Heavenly Star Emperor in this life.

They had high hopes that the Hidden Edge Emperor would succeed.

However, the current situation did not make them feel optimistic.

“Fifth ancestor, what do you think we can do?”

Gong Feifan asked the fifth ancestor of Heavenly Star City.

Unfortunately, he was destined to receive no response.

Without the materials, no one in Heavenly Star City could solve this problem.

In other words, if it weren’t for the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven, no one would be able to solve this problem.

The materials from Heavenly Star City had long been taken away by Yu Tianxing and sent to Ye Changge.

“Why don’t we ask the Heavenly Star Emperor? Now, only she knows what to do.”

The fifth

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