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Chapter 108: The Opinions of Mortals and Ye Changge’s Actions

Even though the Li family head had seen through the essence of the sacred land…

He knew that those sacred lands were made up of selfish people.

The reason why they would do something beneficial to the entire world this time was because it would be more beneficial to their sacred lands.

If it was not for the pressure from the Hidden Edge Emperor, if it was not for the pressure from the heavenly tribulation, the sacred lands would definitely fight with each other.

Therefore, not only did the Li family head not thank the sacred lands, he was even more grateful to the Hidden Edge Emperor. This was the person who had caused the world to change.

However, many mortals did not see it that way.

They did not have the ability to obtain information, so they could only gather their own information from the water screen in the sky.

“Look, look, look. Previously, you were blaming me for not moving, but now the sacred lands are here.”

“Good, husband. It’s my fault. I’m short-sighted. I’ll make some soup for you.”

This was the conversation between a young couple from the eastern region.

Before the changes in West Ocean, this young couple from a wealthy family planned to take their children there.

Now, the sacred land had arrived in the eastern region, so they did not have to go to a foreign country.

“Haha, now the sacred land has also come to the eastern region. Before this, I thought that with the Hidden Edge Sect here, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such good fortune.”

“What are you talking about? The people of the sacred land have long said that they want to divide the entire world and then evenly arrange the Emperor artifacts.”

“As expected of the sacred land. Calling it ‘sacred’ is a great deed.”

Some cultivators who had received benefits from the sacred land and who had broken through to the next realm volunteered to promote Wen Xin Dao and other sects.

Countless people agreed.

Although there were also people who held different views, their words were quickly drowned out by the praises of others.

“I’ll say, it’s as I expected of a sacred land that has roamed the entire Heavenly Mortal World for countless years. They are much more powerful than some of the new forces.”

Someone had a hidden meaning.

“He is right. As an old force, their understanding of the world is more comprehensive and their estimation of the situation is more accurate.”

Someone added fuel to the fire.

“You don’t want to live anymore, do you? That’s an Emperor! The only Emperor in the world right now and you want to disobey him? Do you still want to live?”

Some people were sarcastic.

These people were all people with ulterior motives.

Most of them were not sent by the sacred lands.

Most of them were of the top three sects of the eastern region: the Full Moon Pavilion, the Exquisite Temple, and the Fixed Spirit Platform.

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