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Chapter 111: The Overall Changes in the Mortal World, the Murong Family

As the entire Mortal World made a big move,.

Both the sacred lands and Ye Changge had a huge impact on the entire world.

As the world progressed, more and more changes appeared.

Needless to say, West Ocean.

As the first area where the sacred lands set up the Emperor Artifact Formation, the density of the spiritual energy there had doubled.

Even the standard of living of ordinary people had improved greatly.

Not to mention those cultivation practitioners.

Countless mortals had awakened their talents and become talented cultivators.

More and more talents had been discovered.

As a result, the sacred lands had brought in a large number of talents.

As the only sacred land in the local area, the Myriad Swords Gate had made a lot of money, and they were no longer as depressed as they were when the opportunity of the Sword Emperor had been taken away.

The most shocking thing was that the West Ocean marine race had come ashore to cooperate with the sacred land.

It was the first time that most of the cultivation practitioners knew that there was such a powerful race at the bottom of West Ocean.

The cultivation practitioners of the sacred lands were deeply impressed by their carved palaces under the sea.

The marine race had a lot of resources. They thanked the sacred land for the enhanced spiritual energy and gave them valuable treasures. At the same time, they hoped to cooperate with the sacred lands in the future.

After some consideration, the sacred land realized that the current strength of the sea tribes far exceeded that of a single sacred land force.

Although the Myriad Swords Gate and the Vast Sea Divine Church had come into contact with them a long time ago, they had never truly seen the strength of the sea tribes.

Considering that they now had a great enemy, the Hidden Edge Emperor, the sacred lands began to sincerely cooperate with the sea tribes.

With such a strong support, the sacred lands’ momentum was great.

On Ye Changge’s side, things were still calm and steady.

This made the alliance between the sacred lands even more proud.

In the meetings, they began to tease the Hidden Edge Sect.

The area with such a strong change was not only West Ocean, but also the sacreds land such as the Myriad Swords Gate.

The Xiangsi Pavilion had set up a great formation in the northern region.

It was cold in the northern region, and most of the people living here were primitive.

These people were strong and had strong vitality.

There was a young man who was weak and had been pushed aside by his clansmen; he was dying.

Under the influence of the great formation of the Emperor artifacts, the density of the spiritual energy in the entire northern region continued to increase, and that young man’s body gradually became stronger.

What was even more amazing was that the young man

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