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Chapter 103: Refining the Core of the Array Formation, Began to Search For the Fragments

Just as the situation was getting more and more tense…

Ye Changge, who was in the Hidden Edge Sect, was still acting on his own.

His refining had reached a crucial point.

At Reclining Firewood Peak.

Because of the Array Path Temple and the outsiders of the Gongsun Clan, Ye Changge did not refine the array formation foundation in the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven.

In Ye Changge’s closed-door cultivation restricted area, waves of magical aura drifted in all directions.

Outside the door, Cheng He and Gongsun Yi stood side by side.

Unlike the disciples and clansmen behind them who were at loggerheads with each other, their expressions were very calm.

Having studied array formations for more than a thousand years, they were deeply aware of the difficulty of this Dao.

After coming to the Hidden Edge Sect and seeing Ye Changge’s craftsmanship and the way he laid out the array, the leaders of the two great factions were wholeheartedly convinced.

It even caused the two powerful cultivators to have a great suspicion towards the array path cultivation technique that they had cultivated for nearly a thousand years.

Very quickly, they changed their mindset and sincerely became Ye Changge’s helpers.

The aura within the secret room became stronger and stronger.

Because the pressure emanating from the secret room was too strong, those disciples who were glaring angrily shifted their attention to the secret room in front.

The aura was still increasing, and the pressure was still increasing.

Many Array Path Temple disciples and members of the Gongsun family could not hold on any longer and fell to the ground.

Gongsun Yi and Cheng He were filled with anticipation.

If the refinement was successful this time, then they would be able to produce six World Barrier array cores in one go.

This was a crucial step in the implementation of all the plans.

“I feel that the results will be out very soon.”

Unable to hold it in any longer, Cheng He was the first to speak.

“Yes, and I feel that it is very likely to succeed.”

“I have the same feeling.”

Cheng He looked at Gongsun Yi, his eyes filled with emotion.

The two forces, who had been fighting openly and covertly for so many years, finally reached a consensus and could finally cooperate.

“I have learned a lot here. When this matter is over, I will go into seclusion.”

“Me too. When I come out of seclusion, the reputation of your Array Temple will be gone.”

“Hmph, old man, by the time you come out of seclusion, I’ll already be one step ahead of you and become a peak array grandmaster. I’ll definitely suppress you.”

Cheng He did not want to be outdone and mocked him back.

Gongsun Yi smiled smugly at his mockery.

“I think you’ve lost your mind. With that person inside, how dare you call yourself a peak array grandmaster

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