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Chapter 98: Brother and Sister’s Conversation, Other Factions

Li Shiyi and Yu Tianxing met up in the eastern region.

The two of them were sent by Ye Changge to collect materials. They worked for a long time and finally, they were able to rest.

Because Ye Changge had decided to directly ask for materials from the world factions, they did not need to find excuses to work anymore.

They all somewhat missed the abundant spiritual qi in the Hidden Edge Sect’s Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven.

Yu Tianxing, in particular, had laid a new foundation. She could not wait to quickly raise her cultivation and see the realm above the Great Emperor.

She believed that under Ye Changge’s guidance, she would definitely become an “Extraordinary Great Emperor.”

“Sister, tell me, given master’s character, why did he agree to let others watch him refine the array formation this time? There are still so many people.”

After exchanging greetings with his brother and little sister, who had not greeted him for a long time, Li Shiyi raised his doubts.

In his heart, Yu Tianxing, who was the reincarnation of an Emperor and had recovered her memories, was extraordinary in both knowledge and cultivation.

After experiencing a few blows from Ye Changge, he had learned to ask his sister about his doubts.

“Brother, what exactly are you referring to? Master does things as he pleases. Naturally, he can do whatever he wants.”

The corners of Li Shiyi’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Actually, I understand what you mean. Do you think that this goes against master’s habit of keeping a secret?”

“Yes, yes. If we expose ourselves like this in front of everyone in the world, won’t they find out about master’s background?”

Hearing this, Yu Tianxing smiled faintly.

“Brother, do you understand why master has repeatedly emphasized that we need to keep a low profile?”

“Master has said that it’s because of the mystical cultivation techniques in the cultivation world. There are endless divine abilities. Just in case, we need to keep a low profile.”

“That’s right, that’s the reason.”

Yu Tianxing nodded. “So at the end of the day, firstly, it’s for safety. Secondly, it’s because our strength isn’t enough to resist the endless changes.”

She stopped flying and spoke as she walked, “Hide your trump cards and develop under a low profile. Only then can you have confidence in the face of danger.”

“Master’s low profile isn’t because of cowardice. It’s because of caution.”

“But now, master doesn’t need to. At least in the Heavenly Mortal World, he no longer needs to keep a low profile.”

Turning her head, Yu Tianxing said with a serious expression, “Because there’s no one who is qualified to be master’s true opponent. Not a single one.”

In Yu Tianxin’s heart, this was the thing that shocked her the most.

Even when she had founded the Heavenly Star Divine Empire and suppressed the world, she did not dare to say that she

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