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The Ghost Lord did not know what he was feeling.

Originally, the Asura Ghost Region had been established for millennia and had always worked hard towards a goal.

Now, it had finally achieved its goal in this era where he was the master.

This could be said to be his unrivalled merit.

However, he was obviously not the one who had exerted the greatest effort.

Whether it was the Qi Huang clan’s ancestors who had spent ten thousand years underground to crack the array formation…

Or the Nether Lord who had led them to abolish a corner of the array formation.

However, what he couldn’t accept the most was the Hidden Edge Emperor who was now floating in the air and was as eye-catching as the blazing sun.

“This… Nether Lord, what’s going on?”

The Ghost Lord asked the Nether Lord with a bitter smile.

The mask he wore did not seem to be able to hide the depression and fear.

After all, the Asura Ghost Region and the Hidden Edge Sect had such a tense relationship. With the Hidden Edge Emperor here, their lives were in danger.

“The Qi Huang clan has already submitted to the Hidden Edge Emperor. We will contribute our strength in the future great calamity.”

The Nether Lord felt complicated.

After all, the shock that he had experienced today was comparable to his entire life.

The Ghost Lord’s heart shook.

The Asura Ghost Region had operated for so many years not only for the purpose of the continuation of their race.

It was also because they knew that the pure-blooded Qi Huang clan was extremely powerful.

This was a race that had once stirred up a storm of blood in the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

In the end, they had finally come out, but they had actually submitted to someone else? Or to their own mortal enemy?

The Ghost Lord did not know how he was going to deal with the following situation.

Everything had happened too suddenly.

“You, as a member of the Qi Huang clan, must also accept this fate.”

The Nether Lord’s next sentence completely made the Ghost Lord lose his balance.

“Our Asura Ghost Region has gone through millennia of so much effort, not to become someone else’s lackey!”

Ye Changge watched from above and found it very interesting.

“Right now, you have no choice.”

The Nether Lord looked up at Ye Changge in the sky. Seeing that he had no intention of managing him, he decided to take care of it himself.

“We also have no choice.”

The Ghost Lord looked at the bitter but determined Nether Lord and didn’t know how to respond.

He could sense that the other party was a quasi-emperor-tier powerhouse.

Even if the Hidden Edge Emperor was not above his head…

The combined strength of the Asura Ghost Region would not be able to resist the Qi Huang clan.

After a long time.

“The Asura Ghost Region is a mortal enemy of the Hidden Edge Sect.”

The Ghost Lord washed his hands off the problem.

The Nether Lord didn’t say anything.

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