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Chapter 106: The Operation of the Sacred Lands, the World-shaking Array of Emperor Artifacts

All the sacred lands began to take action.

Even the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Heaven and Earth Pavilion, which had just suffered heavy losses, actively participated in setting up the array.

This was because they could only go to fight the Hidden Edge Emperor if they won the entire confrontation.

In the end, they could only go to the Hidden Edge Sect to take back what they had lost.

Heavenly Star City, which supported Ye Changge, did not take any action.

It was because of Yu Tianxing’s order.

She knew that her master did not need the help of these disciples.

The Sacred Lands Alliance kept making big moves.

Because their actions were too big and their strength was too strong, they had a great influence on the entire Heavenly Mortal World.

West Ocean.

The Vast Sea Divine Church was sent here.

There were three or four other sacred land forces with them.

Without exception, they were all very experienced in cultivating the Dao of water.

In addition to the West Ocean Sword Sect, which was located in the territory of West Ocean and had a powerful ruling power here, the entire West Ocean was going along with the Sacred Land Alliance.

In the high sky, the Vast Sea Sinan, the Emperor artifact of the Vast Sea Divine Church, was floating in the sky.

Around Sinan, whose material was unknown, a strong spatial fluctuation was spreading out.

If it were not for the fact that he was a powerful cultivator in the upper three realms, or that the Vast Sea Divine Church had allowed him to exist, he would not have survived.

If other cultivators passed by this area casually, they would be suppressed till they became nothing.

In the sky, the Emperor artifact of the Vast Sea Divine Church was used to control the sky, leading the West Ocean.

On the island, there were other sacred lands cooperating with the West Ocean Divine Church.

After the mountain-protecting formation of the Myriad Swords Gate of West Ocean was activated, the powerful formation masters changed their arrangements.

The myriad swords formation was centered on the Emperor weapon, the instrument of chaos, and the ding hai beads. The area the formation covered almost the entire surface of the west ocean.

All the islands of the West Ocean became part of the formation.

The most direct effect was the abundant spiritual energy.

All the living beings in the entire West Ocean were affected.

First of all, the cultivation practitioners of West Ocean had increased their strength rapidly.

Many old cultivators had begun to recover their strength.

Having not felt young for a long time, they volunteered to patrol West Ocean on behalf of the disciples of the sacred lands to maintain order.

The most direct benefit to the sect was the Myriad Swords Gate.

They were the only sacred land in the whole world that cam

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