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Chapter 101: The Reactions of the World and the Plans of the Sacred Land

Under such circumstances, the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy and the master of the Array Path Temple did not come together in the end.

The two sacred lands, which had worked together for many years, had a huge difference in opinion this time.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy cut off the image of the Heavenly Timepiece of Legacy.

All the people of the Array Path Temple were chased out.

In the midst of the disciples’ disappointment, Cheng He made a decision.

He brought many precious materials from the sect and talented disciples from different generations to the Hidden Edge Sect so they could pay their respects to the mountain!

Sect Master Ding was caught off guard by the Array Path House’s visit and was extremely surprised.

He did not expect that one day, a sacred land would come to pay respects to the mountain!

This made many disciples of the Hidden Edge Sect feel a little terrified.

Abbot Qing Cang was very angry and reprimanded these disciples.

Right now, their Hidden Edge Sect was the most powerful sect in the entire Heavenly Mortal World!

When the Hidden Edge Sect did not call themselves a sacred land, the other sects did not have the right to call themselves sacred land in front of them.

“You have to remember that you are the disciples of the Hidden Edge Emperor. Don’t disgrace him, and don’t disgrace our sect.”

The faces of all the disciples who were reprimanded were burning.

But at the same time, their hearts were filled with pride and joy.

We belong to the sect of the Great Emperor!

In this atmosphere, Cheng He and Sect Master Ding had an exchange.

When he learned that Array Path Temple was going to fully support Ye Changge’s plan, Sect Master Ding even began to mumble to himself.

“What are these guys planning?”

After all, Array Path Temple’s behavior was too strange.

Among all the major powers, they were the only ones who had sent people to convey their willingness to cooperate.

However, when the Array Path Temple’s people took out all the precious treasures for the Hidden Edge Sect’s people to choose from, Sect Leader Ding believed them.

After some exchanges, he knew the reason and basis for Cheng He’s decision.

“The Emperor’s true abilities are far beyond what he has shown right now. Your decision isn’t wrong.”

Sect Leader Ding, who had been shocked by the spiritual energy in the blessed land, said meaningfully.

This made Cheng he very happy.

As expected, the people of the Hidden Edge Sect had more information.

Ye Changge, who had received the news, also allowed some Array Path Temple disciples to help him.

This made all the Array Path Temple experts rejoice.

What shocked them even more was that when they saw Ye Changge, no one could believe their eyes.

The Hidden Edge Emperor was actually Ye Changge!

A second generation disciple of

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