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Chapter 109: The Shocking Array Temple, the Analysis of the Other Factions

Ye Changge collected some of the materials into the cave heaven and took them out after the cultivation was complete.

When he did, the Array Path Temple and the Gongsun family members also saw the strange changes in these treasures.

Cheng He would always remember the first time he saw the Emperor take out the silver firewood.

At that time, the silver firewood had already been broken. It was a well-preserved material.

However, the Great Emperor needed even more array materials.

There was nothing he could do. At that time, Cheng He and the others suggested that they go out to look for it again or find a way to replace it.

Just as they were racking their brains, the Great Hidden Edge Emperor took the silver firewood away.

Almost half a month later, the Great Emperor took out the silver firewood again.

At that time, Cheng He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the silver firewood.

A thick aura of life!

A broken piece of wood that had been cut up and preserved by someone had sprouted and grown again after the Emperor had taken it.

How unbelievable was this!

Cheng He had almost thought that the Hidden Edge Emperor had a powerful ability that could reverse life and death.

With such a reward, Cheng He was extremely grateful for his decision back then.

For a very long time, he had been walking with a bit of a swagger.

This made Gongsun Yi very unhappy.

From his point of view, he had led the Gongsun family, and under the circumstances of having an enemy like the Array Path Temple, he had resolutely chosen the Hidden Edge Sect. This was truly a discerning choice.

Unfortunately, Cheng He didn’t think much of it and continued to mock Gongsun Yi.

“You only made that decision because you saw that I agreed with the Hidden Edge Emperor’s array path strength.”

These words made Gongsun Yi extremely angry.

Just as the two of them were quarrelling, Ye Changge called them into a room.

After a series of interactions and exchanges, Ye Changge believed in the strength of these two people.

And given the current situation, he needed more helpers.

He also needed his own helpers to become stronger.

Therefore, today, he decided to introduce the array masters of the Myriad Flowers world to the two of them.

Very soon, the sound of magical waves rang out in the room.

The sound of water flowing fiercely could be heard.

“Great Emperor, what is this?”

Very soon, a curtain of water appeared.

Cheng He and Gongsun Yi looked at the crowd of people on the other side of the curtain of water. They didn’t know Ye Changge’s purpose of doing this.

“Over there, there are array masters from another world. They are all watching me set up the array.”

One sentence was earth-shattering.

“Another world?”

“What? They are so far away?”

Both of them were extremely shocked. They blurted

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