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Chapter 114: Where Did This Material Come From?

Very quickly, everything was ready.

Under the attention of everyone in the world, Ye Changge began to repair the Giant Pillar.

When he formed a spell, the fragments of the Giant Pillar instantly moved.

They automatically aligned and moved, joining together to form a huge object.

Through the water screen, countless people saw the appearance of the Giant Pillar.

For a moment, the entire world took a collective gasp.

Because the appearance of the Giant Pillar was too mystical, the aura it revealed was too powerful.

Even the people of the sacred lands were extremely shocked.

After all, in the current Heavenly Mortal World, other than the reincarnated Yu Tianxing, no one had seen the appearance of the Giant Pillar.

When the legendary godly existence became a reality and appeared in front of everyone, countless people were shocked.

“Is this the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World? Its aura is so ancient and powerful!”

“What kind of attack would have such an effect after being shattered to such a state?”

“Even such a powerful god was shattered. Just how terrifying is the heavenly tribulation? Can we really withstand it?”

“Who cares? We have the sacred lands and the Hidden Edge Emperor in front of us. If we really can’t withstand it, we’ll die too. There’s no need to worry.”

Such discussions occurred all over the world.

There were only two core topics of discussion.

First, the strength of the Giant Pillar shocked the world.

Second, how dangerous the calamity that could destroy it was.

Only a small number of people noticed something else.

“City lord, did you notice anything strange? The Giant Pillar’s aura is so strong, but why does the Hidden Edge Emperor not seem weak at all?”

The five ancestors of Heavenly Star City asked Gong Feifan.

“Is this what the Heavenly Star Emperor meant by powerful? He doesn’t seem to be weak in front of the gods?”

Gong Feifan couldn’t explain it either.

But they could all see that Ye Changge was indeed extraordinary.

As Ye Changge continued to move, the fragments of the Giant Pillar in the sky were gradually pieced together.

It was easy to see that there were many cracks on it.

Those cracks would probably disappear forever.

These were all parts that needed Ye Changge’s repair.

“Those materials are definitely not enough. Why is he starting to move?”

Murong Sheng was anxious.

The Murong family hoped to ally with the Hidden Edge Emperor to attack the sacred lands.

They did not really want to refine and repair the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World.

This repair was bound to fail. If the Hidden Edge Emperor was seriously injured, who would be able to lead them to attack the sacred lands?

Especially the sacred lands that were about to finish setting up the Emperor Weapon Array.

However, this was Ye Changge’s territory in the Hidde

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