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Chapter 96: The Various Sacred Lands Were In Shock

A single stone created a thousand ripples.

“The Qi Huang clan? Is it that legendary clan that specializes in absorbing resentment and killing intent?”

“What are they doing? Haven’t they disappeared from the world for tens of thousands of years?”

“According to the records of our sacred lands, they have already been sealed into an unknown place by the previous Emperor.”

“That’s right. According to our records, it was Emperor Zhulu who sealed them.”

“How can the Emperor’s seal be broken so easily?”

“Then is it because they tried to break the seal this time?”

After they discussed for a while, the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy said something else.

“Everyone, the situation this time is much more serious than what you said. The Qi Huang clan has returned to the human world!”

“What? How is this possible?”

Some sacred land lords were in disbelief.

Their ancestors had once been targeted by the Qi Huang clan, and the words of the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy made him recall the terror of the Qi Huang clan based on existing records.

“Could it be that the Qi Huang clan has the ability to break through the Emperor’s seal?”

“This is troublesome. Such a clan is very powerful. They are strangely attuned to the killing intent of the world.”

“Could it be that the world is going to be in chaos again?”

The voices became more and more raucous.

This did not seem like a meeting between many high and powerful people.

“According to our investigation, we deduced the heaven’s secrets. We believe that the Qi Huang clan reappeared in the human world with the help of others.”

The lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy deliberately did not reveal the specific information in one go. Instead, he guided them step by step.

As expected, the lords of the sacred lands were furious.

Among them, those of the sacred lands that had experienced the terrifying era of the Qi Huang clan’s rule had the most intense reactions.

“Who is it!”

“How dare he!”

“This is a great offense against the world!”

Although they sensed that the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy had other motives…

They still felt extremely furious.

There was also deep fear.

After all, their forces were the strongest in the entire Heavenly Mortal World.

There was almost nothing they did not know.

The Qi Huang clan had once caused the people of heaven and earth to live in dire straits. They were very clear about the bloody situation.

Even such a powerful sacred land force had to retreat when the Qi Huang clan was at their strongest.

At that time, many sacred lands had even lost their inheritances.

“What you said is right. Besides, it’s possible to break the Emperor’s seal. After all, there’s an Emperor right now.”

The lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy said.

As soon as he said this, the entire long-distance meeting suddenl

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