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Chapter 91: Emperor Zhulu, Ghost and God!

In the Nether Lord’s perception, the person standing in the distance was not a cultivator.

It was a giant dazzling sun.

Thinking that all his actions were being watched by such a being, he was indescribably shocked.

“I’ve already broken through to quasi-emperor. Who else can make me so afraid? I feel like there’s such a huge gap!”

He blurted out in shock.


At this moment, because no one was praying, the light pillar on the altar completely disappeared.

The last words that Nether Lord heard in the Asura Ghost Region were “Emperor.”

Unable to communicate with the netherworld, his entire body was cold.

“Emperor? Where did the Emperor come from?”


“Could it be that the Hidden Edge Emperor is actually under the array?”

“He discovered something unusual, so we can’t use the array?”

The more he thought about it, the more shocked he became.

The Nether Lord was certain that the underground Qi Huang clan could not possibly have an expert at the level of an Emperor.

If Emperor Qigong was on the ground, who could stop him if he wanted to make a move?

For a moment, the Nether Lord was burning with anxiety.

If the entire underground Qi Huang clan was wiped out easily after tens of thousands of years of planning, there would not be any unsealing to speak of.

And underground.

Ye Changge, who did not hide in the first place and was very far away, discovered that the other party had discovered him and smiled faintly.

His figure flashed and he appeared at the side of the altar.

Ignoring the reactions of those Qi Huang clan members, Ye Changge carefully inspected the altar.

When those black-robed people saw Ye Changge who had suddenly appeared, they were all shocked.

Soon, they reacted and were about to step forward to stop him.


The Nether Lord quickly stopped everyone.

Although he did not know what this Emperor wanted to do, waiting and watching was the only thing he could do.

Soon, Ye Changge communicated with a strange aura.

A gust of strong wind suddenly blew in the underground world filled with the smell of smoke and dust.

A figure flashed and appeared in the air.

He was wearing a white robe and had a green ribbon tied around his waist.

He had jet-black hair and a pair of wise and deep eyes. He was tall and majestic.

Ye Changge was familiar with this figure.

The image of the Sword Emperor he had seen in the sword tomb was the same.

The Emperor’s portrait!

The Qi Huang tribe members on the ground shouted with fanatical expressions.

“We pay our respects to the Earth God!”

The majestic figure seemed to have self-awareness as he scanned the surroundings before finally turning his gaze to Ye Changge.

“I am Emperor Zhulu.”

The self-introduction of the Emperor completely interrupted the Qi Huang clan’s cheers.

It was as if someone just cut

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