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Chapter 112: The Murong Family’s Reason

“Why would the Murong family suddenly support the Hidden Edge Sect?”

Lord Hongwu asked in disbelief at the Sacred Land Conference.

To them, although the Murong family claimed to be a reclusive family, they had always been treated as a sacred land power.

After all, other than the sacred land where the Great Emperor had appeared, the other sacred lands’ achievements were far inferior to the Murong family’s.

And when the Great Emperor passed away, there was no Great Emperor left in the world.

The Murong family, which had many quasi-emperors, was practically one of the strongest forces.

If it was not for the fact that the Great Emperor had an Emperor artifact as a trump card, the Murong family would almost certainly be the strongest sacred land.

“I’m not sure. We rarely interact with the Murong family.”

The Vast Sea Pavilion master, Li Yuanying, answered.

“Leader of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy, do you know anything about this?”

In the end, everyone’s target of inquiry was still the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy.

However, to their surprise, the lord of the Heavenly Tower of Legacy did not know the exact situation either.

“The Murong family is mysterious and unpredictable. I don’t know anything about their situation either.”

“Why don’t someone contact them?”

“Now that they have publicly expressed their support for the Hidden Edge Sect, who else can persuade them to come back?”

“That’s not necessarily the case. As long as we show sincerity, everything will be fine.”

“Sincerity? Hmph! Now that we’re in such a good situation, why should we show sincerity to the losers? If they’re willing to oppose us, then they can just die.”

There were also sacred lords who did not agree with this approach.

This was not strange.

After all, aside from Dali, everyone wants to have fewer people splitting the profit in the end.

Now that they had seen how well the Hidden Edge Emperor had set up the World Barrier, the sacred lands felt that he would definitely lose.

Facing a situation where victory was certain, it was normal for them to avoid having someone interfere.

Sect Master Wan Xiang raised his objection.

“Everyone, although our chances of victory are very high, we still can not let our guard down.”

“You must know that our opponent is a Great Emperor after all! What if he doesn’t care about anything else and attacks us?”

“There’s no way to guarantee that the other party will always abide by the rules. Once he doesn’t care about anything else and has the support of several quasi-emperors, we won’t be able to defend ourselves against his power.”

When he finished speaking, someone immediately raised an objection.

“Attacking us directly under the eyes of so many people in the world? Aren’t you afraid that everyone in the world will laugh at you?”

The Wen Xin Dao Master mocked.

“That’s right. In this situati

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