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Chapter 104: The Movement of the Sacred Lands

Southern border, 100,000 mountains.

Countless animals were frantically fleeing.

In the southern border, several mountains rose into the sky and rapidly moved towards the eastern region.

Many of the foreign tribes living in the southern border raised their heads to look at the strange scene unfolding in the sky.

The interior of those mountains were all fragments of the Giant Pillars.

Due to the passage of time, geological changes and other factors, the surface of the mountains was covered with a thick layer of soil and sand, turning the fragments into a huge mountain range.

The animals on the mountain range that had not escaped were in despair. They did not know what kind of fate awaited them.

At this time, they did not know how happy they would be when they went to the Hidden Edge Sect to live in the place full of spiritual energy.

Such a change in heaven and earth occurred in all parts of the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

In a short time, the West Ocean, the central region, the northern region, the southern border, and the eastern region all shook.

The earth shook and the mountains shook.

A huge mountain range rose into the sky.

A huge rock under the sea rode the wind and broke the waves.

There was a meteor shower.

During this period of time, the mortals saw something that they had never seen before.

Everyone in the eastern region was extremely excited.

This was because more and more things were gathering in the eastern region, allowing them to broaden their horizons.

Most importantly, the Giant Pillar was an important existence in the entire Heavenly Mortal World.

When more and more fragments gathered in the eastern region, it affected the changes in the spiritual energy of the entire world.

The spiritual energy in the eastern region became denser and denser, causing the cultivation bases of many cultivators to increase.

This commotion was too huge.

Mountain Shifting Sect, Wen Xin Dao, Xiangsi Pavilion.

All of these sacred lands had produced Great Emperors.

They were in an awkward situation right now. Their own sects were moving towards the Hidden Edge Sect!

The Giant Pillar fragments were unique and naturally attracted spiritual energy.

The founders of these sects had set up their sects here because of the dense spiritual energy in these places.

When Ye Changge used a special fluctuation to move all the sky bearing fragments towards the Hidden Edge Sect…

These sects were all forced to move from the central region to the eastern region!

All of a sudden, the leaders of these sects were experiencing chaos.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy once again contacted almost all the sacred lands and started to hold a sacred meeting.

“Everyone, what do you think of the changes this time?”

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy’s lord said tiredly.

He was already extremely tired from the continuous c

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