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What happened in the Gongsun family was not an exception.

Whether it was the hidden aristocratic families or the powerful sects, many people began to choose sides.

Although due to the influence of the sacred land, the vast majority of cultivation forces chose to ally with the sacred lands and chose the Emperor weapon.

But there were still quite a number of sects that chose the Hidden Edge Sect.

The Hidden Edge Sect was the main branch.

Many forces sent their representatives to the Hidden Edge Sect to discuss the matter of joining forces.

They were all extremely surprised.

“As expected, they are all old foxes. Other than my Qitian clan, Tianyuan Sect, Great Scorching Sun Sect, and the Wanhao clan, they actually sent people over.”

Qi Tianwen muttered in his heart.

As he looked left and right, he discovered the envoys of dozens of powerful forces.

The common characteristic of these forces was that they were all second-rate forces.

“It seems like there are quite a number of forces who want to take this opportunity to replace them and become a sacred land.”

Right at this moment, someone called out his name.

“Qi Tianwen, I didn’t expect your Qitian clan to make such a decision. I’m quite surprised.”

He turned around and saw a white-haired old man leading a large group of people.

The number of people was beyond Qi Tianwen’s imagination.

“Gongsun Yi? Did your Gongsun clan send out all of their forces? Did you make such a big decision?”

“This is a major event that engulfs the world. If you want to participate, then do your best. Didn’t you, the clan leader of the Qitian clan, come here personally?”

When Gongsun Yi led all the Gongsun clansmen and landed on the main road of the Hidden Edge Sect, Qi Tianwen was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

There were too many people!

Almost everyone from the Gongsun family had come.

“Aren’t the people from the Array Path Temple the helpers of the Hidden Edge Sect? They are called a branch of the family branch. Why don’t you go and fight with them?”

Even Gongsun Wu had such doubts, and the people from the other forces were even more confused.

“Because we want to win and become a sacred land. In addition, here, we can prove that we are stronger than the Array Path Temple.”

Not interested in explaining too much, Gongsun Wu led his clan members to the great hall of the Hidden Edge Sect.

Qi Tianwen watched from behind. After thinking for a while, he sent a letter with his flying sword, recording the news of the entire Gongsun clan defecting to the Qitian clan and sending it back to the Qitian clan’s stronghold.

In the main sect.

Sect Master Ding was somewhat excited as he welcomed the sect that came to visit and seek cooperation, the aristocratic families.

When Abbot Qing Cang saw how he hid his excitement and pretended to be calm, he secretly laughed.

“Great Scorching Sun Sect, Elder Li Rushan has arrived!

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