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Chapter 107: The Changes in the Other Four Regions, the Views of the World

Time passed.

The movement of the sacred lands did not stop.

Wen Xin Dao led the other sacred lands to the eastern region.

They directly affected the ley lines.

In the eastern region, they were almost in a direct confrontation with the Hidden Edge Sect.

While the mortals watching the live broadcast did so nervously, the Hidden Edge Sect did not take any action.

This disappointed many people who expected the Hidden Edge Sect and the sacred land to clash directly.

But it also made the people of Wen Xin Dao heave a sigh of relief.

“Elder Wen, I didn’t expect the Hidden Edge Sect to have no reaction to our actions. They just watched us move the Emperor artifacts to the eastern region.”

“Humph, the Hidden Edge Emperor still wants his reputation after all. With the entire world watching, how could he dare to stop us?”

Elder Wen spoke with disdain towards Ye Changge.

The Wen Xin Dao disciple who asked him for advice did not know whether Elder Wen was really not afraid of Ye Changge or was just pretending to be calm.

After all, when they came, they had actually prepared two plans and could escape at any time.

And in Elder Wen’s heart, he was actually filled with the joy of surviving this calamity.

“Hehe, Hidden Edge Emperor! Hidden Edge Sect! Not stopping us because of your pride is the worst decision you’ve ever made.”

Sect Master Wen Xin Dao internally mocked Ye Changge.

He did not know Ye Changge’s current level of array formations.

In Ye Changge’s opinion, although the sacred land alliance’s arrangements had an impact on the world, they were still too petty.

The strength of a few sects would only affect the areas they were responsible for.

However, Ye Changge’s target was all the areas in the entire Heavenly Mortal World.

Along with Wen Xin Dao’s actions…

The eastern region also began to speed up the gathering of spiritual energy.

The ley lines were affected, and the environment changed quite a bit.

Many places showed a glimmer of hope.

From previously barren mountains and rivers, more and more flowers, plants, and trees grew. The desert began to turn green.

In places that were previously rich in spiritual energy, there were many natural treasures. As a result, many people went to grab them in the early stages.

However, the sacred land forces quickly made their moves and interfered.

The sacred lands alliance took up to 70% of the places where natural treasures appeared because of the Emperor Artifact Formation.

This made all the cultivators in the eastern region angry.

However, what the other party said made sense. Without the Emperor Weapon Array, they wouldn’t be able to obtain anything.

Now that they were able to obtain 30% of the treasures, these cultivators should all be grateful.

Under the dual advantages of morality and strength, Wen Xin Dao

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