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Chapter 94: The Shocking Hidden Edge Sect

“It makes me more and more emotional. No wonder he’s an Emperor. His actions are astonishing.”

The patriarchs all chatted and praised.

“Ye Changge, the kid who was so secretive back then. I didn’t expect him to make so many big moves as soon as he became an Emperor.”

The long-browed patriarch clicked his tongue and said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire secret chamber fell silent.

“What? Did I say something wrong?”

The long-browed patriarch looked at the crowd in astonishment.


The fourth patriarch slapped the back of the long-browed patriarch’s head.

“You’re still the same. You keep running your mouth.”

“Now it’s the Hidden Edge Emperor! Ye Changge?! That kid?!”

The rest of the people in the secret chamber all agreed with him.

Now, everyone’s statuses were vastly different.

Strictly speaking, the attitude of the Hidden Edge Sect towards Ye Changge in the past was very ordinary.

It was pure luck that this Emperor came from their own sect.

“I have no choice but to be respectful! If you continue to speak without restraint, I won’t stand for it!”

The four ancestors’ stern tone made the long-browed patriarch shut his mouth.

“Xingbo, the Asura Ghost Region is our sect’s arch enemy. Many of our elders are enemies with them.”

“Now, this problem has been resolved. Go to the ancestral mausoleum and explain the situation to the patriarchs.”

After the fourth patriarch finished lecturing the long-browed patriarch, he turned his gaze to Sect Leader Ding.

“Yes! I’ll tell the seniors the good news now.”

Ding Xingbo then remembered that Ye Changge had never told the patriarchs in the ancestral mausoleum about anything after becoming an Emperor.

After all, most sects had their elders in the ancestral mausoleum.

As for the Hidden Edge Sect, a large portion of the people in the ancestral mausoleum were experts who had the most power.

They slept in the ancestral mausoleum and used the special environment there to extend their lives.

When the sect was in danger, their last attack might be able to turn the tide.

Soon, Sect Leader Ding arrived at the ancestral tomb.

He offered incense and offered sacrifices.

“Seniors of the Hidden Edge Sect, our sect’s ancestors!”

“I, the current sect leader, Ding Xingbo, have come to report the good news of my generation!”

The tombstones didn’t make any movements.

Some of the patriarchs who hadn’t completely fallen asleep and who were still paying attention to the situation outside the tombs were not happy.

“What generation is this young man from? He’s so ignorant that he’s here to announce his achievements.”

Ding Xingbo’s next words caused the entire tomb to rumble.

“There’s a great disciple of our Hidden Edge Sect, Ye Changge, who broke through to the Emperor Realm in less than fifty years of cultivation!”


Several tombsto

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