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A series of gasps could be heard.

The hands and feet of the cultivators who were still floating in the air felt cold.

They could not believe what they had just seen.

“Killing dozens of cultivators with one axe? Or is it an expert of the middle three realms?”

Someone mumbled, as if he could not believe what he had just seen.

“It’s not killing, it’s directly erasing!”

Someone reacted and his expression changed even more.

Just as everyone was looking at He Xiuxing in shock.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Many rays of light came from afar.

These people were the Yellow Moon Sect’s followers.

“I am Qian Songzi, an elder of the Yellow Moon Sect. This place is under our control! Those who are not meant to be here, leave quickly!”

As soon as the rays of light landed, there were experts who left the group and came to chase them away.

“Elder Qian! No!”

The expression of the Yellow Moon Sect’s Zong Aoyu who came first changed.

“Elder Qian, the person below is mysterious and unpredictable. We can’t fight against him.”

Qian Songzi looked at the ordinary He Xiuxing below and almost laughed out of anger.

“You mean the village man below?”

“Elder Qian!”

Looking at He Xiuxing who was still staring at the lotus pod below, Aoyu said, “Just now, he killed a group of people!”

“And all of them were middle-three-realm cultivators!”

Elder Qian pointed at the empty surroundings and said, “You said he killed a group of people. Where are the traces of fighting? Where is the blood?”

Aoyu couldn’t explain it.

The person below was strange and inexplicable. He directly erased the people from the air. How could there be traces of blood!

It was starting to become terrifying.

“Elder Qian, please listen to me. All the fellow Daoists around have seen it. We…”

Before he could finish, the lotus seed pod below had completely matured.

The person who had trespassed earlier had already been compressed into a ball and fell to the ground.

“Scram! This place is under the control of the Yellow Moon Sect!”

Qian Songzi saw what was happening and impatiently interrupted Aoyu. He roared angrily and then flew towards the lotus seed pod.

The members of the sect behind him began to chase away the people around them.


There was a loud sound.

He Xiuxing slashed horizontally. Qian Songzi was hit by the side of the axe and fell to the ground. He rolled around.

“You, you!”

He could not move. He pointed at He Xiuxing in shock.

He Xiuxing could not be bothered with these people who were still shocked. He Xiuxing slowly walked forward and took the lotus.

“Woof Woof Woof!”

Beside him, the little yellow dog was wagging its tail excitedly and shouting.

“Sir! Although you are powerful, this is the Yellow Moon Sect’s territory!”

“Our sect still has back-up troops. They will be here soon.”

Qian Songzi was still making his final effort.

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