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Chapter 102: Another Gamble!

The various sacred lands’ actions came in consecutive waves.

Soon, they came up with a new plan and announced it to everyone in the Mortal World.

“This can’t be true! It’s actually such a powerful alliance! Li Xiong, did you see it?”

“I saw it, I saw it. I didn’t expect this matter to be so big. There’s actually a sacred land that’s above the other sacred lands.”

“Although sacred lands with Emperor artifacts had a higher status in the past, as long as they didn’t enter the main camp, the situation outside would be the same.”

“Now, sacred lands with Emperors can reflect higher values.”

“Brothers, I think so too. After the formation is set up, the Emperor artifacts will be even more useful.”

“I wonder which sacred land we will be assigned to manage.”

The topics spread quickly from the sacred lands’ big movements to their shift in directions.

Many people were concerned about which sacred land they were under.

They hoped that they could come into contact with these sacred land forces so that their descendants could enter the sacred land to cultivate.

More and more people found this to be an opportunity.

Many people saw their favorite sects and were willing to relocate.

Many people saw the business opportunities.

They began to sell all kinds of goods.

Many people traveled over mountains and rivers, far away from their place of birth. They needed more materials.

These were the sacred lands.

After all, they were the most powerful forces in the world.

When a sacred land made a big move…

The entire world would change accordingly.

Countless people’s lives would be affected.

And when all the sacred lands joined forces, they would be able to affect every aspect of this world.

Almost everyone had to act accordingly.

Hidden Edge Sect.

“Sect leader, do we respond?”

Abbot Qing Cang came to the main branch and asked Sect Leader Ding.

“No need. We don’t need to worry about it for now.”

Abbot Qing Cang felt a little strange when he heard Sect Leader Ding’s answer.

“Sect leader, please don’t blame us. I’m just a little confused. Why are we still not responding to the public opinion?”

Sect Leader Ding stroked his beard with a confident expression.

“First of all, this is the Emperor’s idea. If he doesn’t want to respond, we shouldn’t do anything unnecessary.”

“Second, do you know what the biggest rule is for the entire cultivation world?”

As the abbot of the Hidden Edge Sect and having been in the cultivation world for so many years, Abbot Qing Cang was obviously very clear.

“Sect leader, you mean, strength? We now have the most strength?”

Sect Leader Ding stood up and paced around the room excitedly.

“What we have is not only the most strength. We also have the strength to go up against everyone!”

“Heavenly Star City has the legacy of the Heavenly Star Emperor. They have the strongest found

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