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Chapter 110: The Pride of the Sacred Land, the Quasi-emperor of the Outer Realm Approaching

Lian Yunfeng was a master of refining and he could be considered one of the best in the entire Heavenly Mortal Realm.

The Heavenly Tower of Legacy used the sect-guarding magical treasure, the Heavenly Bell of Legacy, to communicate and let the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror play the images of the array formation.

It was to increase the publicity and gain benefits.

Therefore, Lian Yunfeng’s words and his analysis were quickly recorded by those who were interested.

The sacred land quickly spread this news.

For a time, those who had some connections with the Hidden Edge Sect and those who had connections with Li Yuju and other Hidden Edge subordinate forces were somewhat pessimistic.

After all, Lian Yunfeng’s analysis was too reasonable.

They had no choice but to believe it.

No one knew that Ye Changge had the world-shocking trump card, the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven.

How many people could predict the existence of such a thing?

Taking advantage of the fervour this time, countless famous cultivators of the Heavenly Mortal World began to discuss and analyze their views.

Without exception, none of them were optimistic about the Hidden Edge Sect.

This was because the lack of materials was too obvious.

They had already taken so many materials from the sacred lands, yet they were still lacking so many materials.

At this time, no one had a way to provide better materials.

“I am Qian Yuanzi. I have some knowledge in artifact refinement and array formations. In my opinion, the Hidden Edge Emperor has no chance of winning.”

“I suggest that he stop what he’s doing and return the materials to the sacred lands. After all, the success rate of those sacred lands is higher, and it is faster to set up arrays with the materials.”

Having a deep conflict of interest with the sacred lands, Qian Yuanzi stirred the hearts of the people in the world.

There were many people who shared the same opinion as him.

For a moment, many people were shouting, hoping that the Hidden Edge Sect could return the materials.

After all, the Emperor Artifact Formation of the sacred lands in the five regions had basically brought about good effects.

Everyone in the Mortal World benefited.

This was especially so for many mortals who had no way to cultivate, but suddenly had their talents awakened and their lives changed.

Many cultivators had been stuck at a certain realm, their lifespans ending, waiting to die in sorrow.

However, under the sacred lands’ actions and under the erosion of the spiritual energy, they broke through their shackles and went a step further.

Many of these people hoped that the sacred lands would obtain victory.

Even if it didn’t affect the final outcome, they hoped that the effects of the Emperor Artifact Formation would be stronger.

Ye Changge could not be bothered wit

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