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Chapter 72: My Master is the Hidden Edge Emperor

“That’s it?”

Gong Tianyi was extremely pleased.

As the higher-ups of Heavenly Star City begged for mercy.

Yu Tianxing’s mocking question came from the Heavenly Star Seal.

Yu Tianxing sensed someone approaching.

“Mm, I can feel it. There are two people approaching. Not bad, both have the strength of the Tribulation Transcendent Realm.”

Gong Tianyi frowned.

He couldn’t understand how the Heavenly Star Emperor could turn the tables.

It was true that she was the reincarnation of an Emperor.

However, she had only been reincarnated for a short period of time. It was likely that she had just awakened her memories.

It was unexpected that she could control the Heavenly Star Seal so quickly.

But how strong could she be?

So he sneered and retorted.

“We’ve cultivated the Emperor’s scripture before. It’s impossible for you to reach the Tribulation Transcendent Realm now.”

“You don’t even have the Tribulation Transcendent Realm. How can you unleash the full strength of the Heavenly Star Seal?”

“And in this place, we can even cut off your connection with the Heavenly Star Seal.”

He looked at the flying sword message sent by the guardian of the Scripture Pavilion that told him that Yu Tianxing was already surrounded by two people.

He planned to activate the formation later to completely seal off the Heavenly Star Seal and cut off the connection with Heavenly Star Emperor.

“I’m very happy with your performance, so I’ll tell you where your stupidity lies.”

Yu Tianxing circulated the Sage Heaven Profound Origin Technique.

A pure white light rose from her body.

A candle lamp flickering with purple flames appeared.

“First, you know nothing about the true reincarnation.”

“Impossible to reach the Tribulation Transcendent Realm? Who said that?”

Gong Feifan, the fifth ancestor, and the others couldn’t believe it.

“Could it be that the Emperor has already reached the Tribulation Transcendent Realm? They can be saved?”

Gong Tianyi’s expression changed.

He quickly activated the array formation and sealed the entire hall.

Countless markings appeared on the walls, and rich spiritual energy circulated around them.

He wanted to seal off the Heavenly Star Seal.

However, things did not go as he had hoped.

The Heavenly Star Seal was still floating in the air, and Yu Tianxing’s voice continued to ring out.

“Second, you guys did a terrible job of hiding your strength.”

“Just hiding a realm makes you so happy?”

“Third, you guys really don’t know how to hide your trump cards.”

“Who said my trump card is the Heavenly Star Seal? Why? Can’t I have other magical treasures?”

“Fourth, your horizons are too narrow.”

“Just the sacred land title is enough to cause you to panic. Just the method of reincarnation is enough to make you drool.”

“But what I have now is an inheritance that comple

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