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Chapter 64: The Mighty Pill Tower

“I said I’m not willing. Is there anything else?”

She had never expected to receive such an answer.

Ren Shaoyuan did not know how to respond.

“Why? If there’s nothing else, I’ll continue to study the array formation.”

Study the array formation!

Ren Shaoyuan, who had caught the keyword, reacted.

“Our Pill Tower members have a lot of resources, and what you need to do is very simple. Why not?”

“Because the Pill Tower’s matters are very troublesome, and I’m afraid of trouble. I don’t have much time, I need to study the array formation.”

Hearing such a straightforward rejection again, the Pill Tower deacon was obviously angry.

“Let me get straight to the point. We know that you’re studying the ancient inheritance. We need detailed information. What do you need to be willing to trade?”

“Trade what? The details of the inheritance?”


“Your Pill Tower is so powerful. Shouldn’t you be able to investigate the specific situation?”

“We are currently hoping for you to investigate.”

The corners of Wu Yunfei’s mouth curled up.

He had always been dissatisfied with the Pill Tower’s strength.

After so many years of guarding the barrier in the south pole’s great void, he still needed to ask the Pill Tower for medicinal pills even if he suffered losses.

Fortunately, later on, the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path directly negotiated with the Pill Tower and made a deal. That was a much better outcome.

Now, they even despised the Pill Tower for disturbing his peaceful practice of the array formation.

In Heavenly Water Moon Mirror, there were so many array formation masters to communicate with.

There was also a powerful Emperor-level array formation to study.

This was the happiest time in his cultivation career.

The disciples of the Five Element Sect, who were beside him, were already sweating profusely.

“Alright, find someone else. I’m really not interested in the Pill Tower. If you want pills, I’ll directly exchange them with the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path.”

“I advise you not to underestimate the Pill Tower’s determination and strength. We have plenty of ways to reduce the number of pills that reach your hands.”

Wu Yunfei narrowed his eyes, his face suffused with coldness.

“I’ll guard the south pole’s great void and exchange the pills that the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path bought from you. What can you do?”

“Although the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path are strong, they’re not good at pills. We have to do something so that no one will notice.”

The Five Elements Sect’s disciple also hid the smile on his face and stared at the Voice Transmission Jade Pendant expressionlessly.

It was impossible for the Pill Tower not to know that this investigation was being carried out under the accompaniment of the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path.

Was this a provocation or pressure?

“I have worked hard

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