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Sect Leader Shuiyue’s words caused the discussion to stop.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her and waiting for the explanation, she didn’t keep them in suspense.

“According to our news, the Pill Tower has just been attacked.”

“First, there was a huge explosion. It was suspected that an alchemist’s pill refinement had an accident.”

“After that, the Pill Tower activated all its defensive arrays.”

“Many people who went to the Pill Tower to refine pills were blocked and kept outside. This caused many people to want to see what happened next.”

She took a deep breath, as if wanting to diffuse the shock in her heart.

“After that, a huge golden palm flew over the Pill Tower and had the entire Pill Tower within its grasp.”

“By the time the palm dissipated, the Pill Tower had already disappeared.”

“There was only a large pit and overturned soil.”

“Also, there was a Pill Tower that had shrunk drastically and could be played with.”

After hearing this explanation, many people looked at Sect Leader Shui Yue in a daze.

The Pill Tower had disappeared?


All the higher-ups had been wiped out?

And there was a giant golden palm?

What was all this?

However, some people who were quick-witted had already connected the dots.

“It’s the Emperor! The Emperor’s punishment!”


More people reacted.

“So, the wandering ghost that the Emperor mentioned in the Sacred Item Waterfall was the work of the Pill Tower?”

“So the golden light that the Emperor released through the waterfall was that giant palm?”

“The Emperor’s anger is so terrifying!”

People whispered to each other.

All of them were shocked.

“Now, the people from the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path have taken control of the situation there.”

Sect Master Shuiyue added.

“The one closest is Elder Xuanhuang from the Black Feather Valley. He has already gone there.”

“We’ll be able to see the miniature Pill Tower in a few days.”

“I wonder how it was done.”

“Haha, the might of an Emperor is so terrifying.”


Heavenly Mortal Realm.

Hidden Edge Sect.

Yu Tianxing appeared from within the cave heaven.

Her cultivation had already reached the upper three realms, the Entry Saint Realm.

“Tianxing, come.”

She had just come out of seclusion when she received Ye Changge’s order.


“Mm, not bad. Your strength has increased very quickly, and your foundation is very stable.”

“How’s your cultivation of the Sage Heaven Profound Origin Technique coming along?”

“Master, your disciple is foolish. The Sage Heaven Profound Origin Technique is broad and profound. I’m afraid that I’ve completely cultivated it, far surpassing the Emperor! Yet, right now, I’m still far from reaching the level of a Great Emperor.”

Ye Changge was very clear about Yu Tianxing’s feelings.

She was the reincarnation of an emperor, so she naturally had a perception and appra

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