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“What?! Elder Ma died at the hands of that cultivator? Isn’t he a Primordial Liquid Realm cultivator?”

In the backyard of the Jing ‘an branch of the Six Zhuo trading company, the head shopkeeper stared at the deacon, who was reporting the news, with his mouth agape.

The deacon was very helpless.

“The news was wrong in the past. He is a genuine grandmaster of the Divine Sea Realm. These days, he is lecturing about the divine ability of advancing to the Divine Sea Realm!”

This deacon also wanted to go and listen in.

The head shopkeeper was in a daze. He staggered and sank down in the chair behind him.

The misinformation had caused the trading firm to lose an elder of the Divine Sea Realm. His old life was probably in danger.

There were only four masters of the Divine Sea Realm in the entire trading firm! They were assets that allowed them to compete with other trading firms.

“No, the requirements of advancing to the Divine Sea Realm is being taught publicly?!”

It took the head shopkeeper quite a while to realize the meaning of these words.

This was a major event! The trading firm and those cultivation clans would not spare such cultivators who broke the unspoken rules!

If everyone directly taught such an important technique, what right did those big forces have to strengthen their forces and attract talents?

Thus, the head shopkeeper reported the news to the Chamber of Commerce.

Soon, he gathered more people to crusade against He Xiuxing.

Time passed.

“What? ! Seven or eight grandmasters of the Divine Sea Realm from the big cultivation families and trading companies died at the hands of that cultivator!”

“He can’t be an Immortal Soul Realm cultivator, right?”

In the backyard of the Jing An branch of the Six Zhuo trading company, the head shopkeeper was about to cry.

His family’s life was entrusted to this.

The deacon was still in fear.

“According to the bystanders, that grandmaster of the Divine Sea Realm only used his palms to fight the enemy. His power is unparalleled.”

“He is a powerful warrior who has entered the Divine Sea Realm for at least 600 years.”

“But he didn’t display any Immortal Soul Realm techniques. I don’t think he is an Immortal Soul Realm Daoist master.”

With that, the deacon put his hand over his chest.

“Did those big families leak any information and send more people?”

The head shopkeeper was grasping at straws.

The deacon shook his head.

“Those big families all backed out and said that they wanted to take him down. They must have suffered heavy losses when they let those hostile families have it for free.”

“There are a lot of big families and small and medium-sized sects in the cultivation world!”

“It’s better to seal off Purple Immortal City and not let other cultivators in. That way, the Divine Sea Technique won’t spread.”

When the head shopkeeper heard this, he began to spout nonsense.

“Then, then,

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