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Chapter 82: Ye Changge Made His Move


Violent tremors continued to spread.

Mo Xunhuan was anxious.

Li Shiyi in front of him had a powerful protective barrier around him.

He could not even see it, let alone shatter it.

However, all of his attacks were blocked.

It was also under such circumstances that he became even more anxious.

In the distant sky, more cracks appeared.



The sounds became even more intense.

The tremors became even more intense.

“A catastrophe of the heavens splitting! This is a catastrophe of heaven-splitting!”

“What the hell is going on? Aren’t we in the Mountain of Books? How can a mystic realm of this level be unstable?”

On the Mountain of Books, more terrified voices sounded.

“Make him stop! I won’t make things difficult for you. Make him Stop!”

Mo Xunhuan roared at Li Shiyi.

“Old man, you should know very well that in the current situation, this isn’t something that can be stopped just because I say so.”

“Furthermore, this is a mystic realm. You should know who can cause such a shock to it.”

Mo Xunhuan was shocked.

He also understood that this must be the Hidden Sect Emperor’s doing.

Li Shiyi’s status was so important that the Hidden Sect Emperor had given him a protective treasure.

At a time like this, he had exploded and protected him.

The Emperor had even taken action.

It was impossible for the Hidden Sect Emperor to follow Li Shiyi all the way.

In other words, he was able to cause such great damage to the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Mountain of Books and Sea of Learning mystic realm in the central region.

The might of an emperor was so terrifying.


The attack continued.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes…

A crack appeared in the sky above the secret realm.

After the crack, a golden palm reached out from the pitch-black darkness.

Li Shiyi’s body flew up quickly and was held gently by the huge palm.

Li Shiyi stood on the huge hand and shouted anxiously when he saw the huge hand slowly withdraw.

“Master! This is the secret realm of the Mountain of Books and Sea of Learning! The treasures of the Heavenly Dao Academy must be here. There are things on the list here.”

“Your disciple has already asked them to compensate me for the damage they have done to me. Also, they didn’t give me the list of the sacred lands.”

The giant hand stopped retracting.

Very soon, strange ripples spread from the giant hand to the entire Mountain of Books and Sea of Learning.

It was Ye Changge scanning the entire secret realm.

Numerous heavenly materials and earthly treasures levitated and quickly flew towards the huge hand.

“Ah! My seven-colored heavenly stone! Quickly return it to me!”

“My hollow jade exquisite pendant, this is what I risked my life to obtain!”

“Earth Core Stone Lotus, this is practically my heart!”

Numerous cries and cries rang out.

The co

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