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Chapter 85: People and People, People and Things

The red sun had just risen from the eastern horizon when Xiang Cai returned to Xiang Jiawan.

On the way down the mountain, he was agitated, and the sky was bright, so he walked quickly.

Compared to when he went there, he saved more than half of the time.

From afar, he saw his big brother, Xiang Yan, and a few older men who were tempering their bodies in the Xiang Jiawan Valley Field, as well as his father, Xiang De, who was supervising them from the side.

He walked over happily with a skip in his step.

“Xiang Cai, how was it? You were deceived, right?”

Seeing his brother return, Xiang Yan stopped his body-tempering moves and asked with a smile.

Xiang De, on the other hand, snorted coldly beside them. He seemed to be quite dissatisfied with Xiang Cai wasting his morning body-tempering time.

Per Xiang Cai’s usual character, he would definitely be agitatedly refuting his eldest brother’s accusations against him.

However, he did not think much of it now. He did not take what he said to heart. He calmly smiled and did not answer his big brother’s question.

He directly told him what the senior said today, but he was secretly muttering in his heart.

“In the past, when my father told me to be calm and collected, I couldn’t do it at all. But now, I’ve done naturally it.”

“In the end, it’s still because of this matter. I believe that the truth lies with me, so I have the confidence to stay calm.”

Xiang Cai’s family name could not be compared to that of a cultivator in the Pulse Realm. Therefore, he only remembered a small part of the cultivation talk, and he even made it sound incoherent.

Even so, Xiang De, Xiang Yan, and the others were moved by what they heard.

It was very simple to determine that it was many times better than the Daoist magic jade slips that they had bought in the shops in the city!

“Brother, elder brother wronged you. I am here to apologize to you,” Xiang Yan sincerely apologized.

Xiang Cai being able to forget about the past and talk about these things was equivalent to reminding them not to miss out on listening to the senior’s sermon.

After all, this kind of opportunity was something that the fewer people knew, the better.

Xiang Cai’s actions just showed that he cared about his family.

Originally, the hundreds of cultivators who had come to the top of the mountain to listen to the sermon were all determined not to spread this matter.

However, they still talked about it to their relatives and friends, and their relatives and friends had relatives and friends.

Just like that, the news spread like wildfire.

When Xiang Cai, Xiang De, and the others went to the second sermon, there were several thousand cultivators on the top of the mountain.

It was the vast majority of the cultivators in the Purple Immortal City and the nearby areas.

He Xiuxing came out of the hut and looked at the d

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