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The students below all stared blankly at Li Shiyi in the air.

Words could not describe the shock they felt.

Tribulation Transcendent Realm! Even a mighty figure at this level had been defeated.

This was a mighty figure with the ability to move mountains and overturn seas.

If it were not for the protection of many arrays in the Heavenly Dao Academy, the battle would have already caused the mountains to collapse and the earth to crack.

When Li Shiyi flew towards the inner courtyard of the Heavenly Dao Academy again.

No one came to stop him.

“Cough Cough.”

The sound of coughing could be heard.

Wei Wuxiao struggled to stand up.

Only then did the crowd hurriedly go to support him.

“This kid has profound skills, sharp sword qi, and has comprehended the spirit of the sword. I didn’t lose unjustly.”

“Most importantly, he didn’t use any magic treasures until the end.”

“A swordsman can have such strength without using a sword. Cough, cough.”

“If he attacks with all his strength, I’m afraid that even people above the fifth level of the Tribulation Transcendent Realm are no match for him.”

“We don’t need to care about this matter. Let the people from the Mountain of Books and the Sea of Learning settle it.”

Hearing the coughing Wei Wuxiao say this, those who had thought of fighting Li Shiyi previously lowered their heads.

Especially Wan Fushui, Tian Yu, and the others who had provoked Li Shiyi.

They all felt like they had survived a calamity.

People were shaken to the core.

This was the Tribulation Transcendent Realm!

They had still been complacent because they had advanced to the middle three stages.

They were still proud of being on the proclamation of Azure Sky.

However, there were actually people of the same generation who had reached the Tribulation Transcendent Realm and were wrestling with the top-notch experts of the older generation!

“So, is this being worthy of the title of a sacred land disciple?”

Someone couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

The faces of the people who heard this turned pale.

In front of such a comparison, how could their Heavenly Dao Academy call itself a sacred land.

Moreover, even the Hidden Edge Sect had announced during the ceremony that they were not allowed to call themselves a sacred land.

Li Shiyi was in no hurry.

He glided through the air toward the entrance of the secret realm that he had sensed.

That should be the secret realm of the Heavenly Dao Academy, the Mountain of Books and the Sea of Learning.

When he flew past the inner courtyard of the academy, he found the saint son of the Heaven and Earth Pavilion in a student’s residence.

In another small courtyard not far away, the saint son of the Hongwu Holy Dynasty also looked at him in shock.

The two of them huddled in the room, and the power of the array was raised to the maximum.

Li Shiyi was too lazy to attack the two of them

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