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The Heavenly Star Seal sensed Yu Tianxing’s approach, and the strange movements became more and more intense.

The violent vibrations not only caused changes to the Heavenly Star Seal, but almost all the members of the Gong clan in the inner city were alarmed.

The Heavenly Star Divine Dynasty had many clans working together to assist the Heavenly Star Emperor.

Now, with the changes of the times and the changes of the world, all the major clans had merged.

The largest clan left behind was the Gong clan.

It was also the Heavenly Star Emperor’s main clan.

“Fifth brother, Feifan, come to the ancestral hall.”

Suddenly, a voice transmission made its way to Gong Feifan’s ears.

He was stunned. “The great ancestor has also come out of seclusion?”

Not long after, more than a hundred people gathered at the Heavenly Star City Ancestral Hall.

They were all the higher-ups of Heavenly Star City.

The aura of the strongest person had even reached the Saint Realm.

The inheritance of an Emperor was so terrifying.

“The Heavenly Star Seal is shaking crazily. I can’t control it anymore.”

“I’ve been checking for a long time, but I haven’t found anything else. Based on my judgment, I suspect that the Emperor is approaching Heavenly Star City.”

The great ancestor of Heavenly Star City, Gong Tianyi, who had entered the Sage Realm, said something shocking.

“What? The Emperor is approaching Heavenly Star City?”

“No wonder the Heavenly Star Seal moved. It’s because the Emperor sensed it.”

“Then what should we do next?”

All sorts of voices were heard.


Gong Tianyi raised his hand.

The suppression of status and the aura of an expert caused everyone to stop their discussion.

“We have two choices now.”

“If the Emperor hasn’t awakened yet, we’ll send someone to protect her. We’ll let her cultivate freely and wait until she awakens.”

“After all, the Emperor must have a backup plan before she reincarnates. It’ll be enough to help her regain her maximum potential.”

“We just have to wait.”

“As for the other option.”

Gong Tianyi paused for a moment and looked around solemnly.

“It’s very likely that the Emperor has already awakened and regained her memories. She’s here for Heavenly Star City!”

“If that’s the case, then we have to keep the news a secret and welcome the Emperor back.”

“After all, she definitely hasn’t returned to the Emperor Realm.”

“The Hidden Edge Emperor’s success in breaking through to the Emperor Realm caused a great change in the world. The world is now more suitable for experts to cultivate.”

“Let’s make the most optimistic guess. It’s impossible for the Emperor to reach the middle three realms now. We have to keep this a secret.”

“This is the key to Heavenly Star City’s awakening!”

After hearing Gong Tianyi’s explanation.

The hall was completely silent.

The Emperor’s awakening was already exciting enough.

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