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Wan Longxu excitedly came out with the crystal ball.

It was not just because he could solve the crisis he was facing.

It was also because the Pill Tower’s foundation was stronger than he had imagined.

He didn’t think that the Pill Tower would destroy so many of the sects controlled by the outer realm sky demons.

They even obtained many things from the outer realm.

The sky demons had the habit of invading other worlds.

This crystal ball was probably not just something from the recent few worlds.

The Eight Sects of the Righteous Path could inspect the emperors of other worlds.

Their Pill Tower could also obtain treasures from other worlds as a foundation.

“Hehe, the Eight Sects of the Righteous Path! It’s hard to say who’s in charge this time.”

There was not much time. Wan Longxudid not waste any time and arrived at the secret chamber as quickly as possible.

The Pill Tower was rich and powerful. Soon, according to the patriarch’s request, the resources that were needed to activate the crystal ball were ready.

Holding the strange crystal ball in his hand, Wan Longxu felt as though his whole body was full of power.

The spiritual energy in his body and the crystal ball quickly fused, intertwined, and resonated.

“It seems that this thing is fated to be with me. It’s so compatible! I don’t know which wonderful world it is from.”

With this thought in mind, he began to cast his spell.

Soon, the crystal ball emitted an intense light. It was hazy and beautiful, like a boundless galaxy.

The consciousness of Wan Longxuwas rapidly raised by the light. It passed through the walls of the secret chamber and soared ten thousand meters high into the sky.

His body was still in the secret chamber, but his consciousness appeared in the sky. He was intoxicated by this wonderful experience.

With the support of the crystal ball, the range of his consciousness became extremely vast.

His consciousness moved quickly, and soon, Wan Longxu sensed a familiar terrain.

It was the majestic unpredictable mountain! The force that occupied the top was the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

“Hehe, what Eight Sects of the Righteous Path? Under the foundation of my Pill Tower, your mountain-protecting array is so fragile!”

His consciousness descended to the Sacred Item Waterfall.

Wan Longxu looked at the hundreds of refiners and array masters who were deep in their research and sneered.

“After I seal this waterfall, you will all come and beg me.”

Because it was his consciousness that had descended, his senses were very sharp.

He knew very clearly how powerful and mysterious the waterfall was.

When his consciousness was close to the waterfall, an equally mysterious force was transmitted to the top of the waterfall.

The entire Waterfall of Sacred Items began to turn black.

“Look, what’s wrong with the waterfall?”

Many people noticed the abnormality.

“Could it be that

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