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In the outer realm, in an unknown land far away from the Mortal World.

“We just sensed that the four divine martial demonic servants have all died.”

“What? All died? That small world?”

“What’s the exact situation?”

“I don’t know. According to our investigations, they died due to a meteor.”

“Don’t joke around. They all have special abilities. How could they die at the hands of such an inanimate object?”

“There are two possibilities. One is that something is wrong with the meteor. The other is that someone attacked.”

“If it’s the first possibility, then they must have encountered a powerful special star.”

“However, they are so close to the world with the God of Earth’s banner. The likelihood of such a star appearing is very small.”

“Therefore, it’s more likely that it’s the second scenario.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s only possible that an Emperor has appeared.”

Once that was said, the being stopped speaking.

It was silent for a moment.


An old sigh was heard.

“Everyone here is so close to the Emperor Realm, but none of us are Emperors.”

“It’s very difficult to obtain the recognition of the Heavenly Dao.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as our plan succeeds, we can become Emperors.”

Another seductive female voice answered.

“Even now, I still find it incredible. There really is an inheritance above the Emperor Realm, and it can help us all break through to the Emperor Realm.”

“Let’s cut the small talk. Now that an Emperor has appeared in that world, what other way do you have to retrieve the God of Earth’s banner?”

“We can only send a few more people. The stronger the Emperor, the closer we are to the Great Emperor realm. There’s nothing to be afraid of with so many people.”

After a short exchange.

“Let’s send ten people. Ten peak quasi-emperors will set up a heaven-defying formation that’s enough to fight against an Emperor!”

In the Asura Ghost Region of the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

“The Ghost Lord has an order! The nine ghosts of the universe are being killed one after another. We must stop the other four ghosts from being killed.”

“The two Ghost Lords of heaven and earth have already set off.”

“The Reincarnation Ghost Lord has sent news that the Hidden Edge Emperor has noticed something unusual in Qilian Mountain.”

In a large hall, information was being circulated.

Recently, the ghost realm had been having a hard time.

First, their arch-enemy, the Hidden Edge Sect, had sent out an Emperor who had cut off the connection array and destroyed the hopes of the surviving underground race.

Now, there was a problem with the nine ghosts.

“Who is it that can kill so many ghosts in a row?”

“Even with my cultivation at the Entry Saint Realm, it’s easy to defeat the ghosts but difficult to kill the nine ghosts.”

“Could it be the Hidden Edge Emperorhimself?”

“That’s impossible. Our people have been observing the Hid

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