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Heavenly Mortal World, Hidden Edge Sect.

Ye Changge had just finished refining and planned to repair the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal Worldin two days.

If it was successful, it meant that there was no problem with his technique.

“Next, I should go and find the materials. What’s next is a big project. I can’t do it without rare treasures.”

After making up his mind, Ye Changge began to clear up his inventory.

Yu Tianxing and Li Shiyi came to him together.

“Master! Younger brother and I are going into seclusion, and we came to ask for your guidance. We still need some resources!”

Ye Changge, who was cleaning up his resources, paused.

Their reserves were going to be depleted again.

With the rapid improvement of the two disciples, they needed more and more things.

After all, the two of them could at least become Emperors, and now was the time to quickly increase their strength after laying a foundation.

“Are you going to enter seclusion to break through to the Tribulation Realm? You should only need to increase your cultivation and replenish your spiritual power with pills, right?”

“Yes, master. One sword will be enough to break through the Heavenly Tribulation,”Li Shiyi answered confidently.

He was looking forward to it.

As long as he could reach the Tribulation Realm, he could go anywhere in the world with his powerful cultivation technique and the sharp Big Dipper Sword.

By then, it would be the time for the Qiankun Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty to pay the price.

“What about you, Tianxing, what realm are you going to break through?”

“Master, I’m about to break through to the Entry Saint Realm!”

Li Shiyi, who was really smiling next to her, froze.

Her cultivation was already very fast.

He had almost broken all the records in the Mortal World.

Of course, that was excluding Ye Changge.

Li Shiyi originally thought that crossing the Tribulation Realm before the age of fifty was already the fastest cultivation speed in the world.

In the end, his younger sister Yu Tianxing was already on the third level.

“Younger sister, when did you break through the Tribulation Realm? We’ve always been on Reclining Firewood Peak, but I’ve never seen you cross the Tribulation.”

“Older brother, I’ve been reborn as an emperor, and I’ve long been recognized by the heaven and earth. Naturally, there won’t be any tests for the Heavenly Tribulation Realm,”Yu Tianxing replied.

Ye Changge pointed at Li Shiyi.

“You don’t have to look at your younger sister like that. After all, she’s the reincarnation of an Emperor, and she’s already gone through all those obstacles.”

“The only trouble now is because she’s cultivated a more powerful technique, she needs to accumulate more things.”

“But the resources I gave you quickly helped her to complete this accumulation.”

“It’s you who I left behind. You must not be anxious. You haven’t walked the remaining

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