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“How dare you! How do you have the courage to do this!?”

When he saw the jade wall, on which the school motto was inscribed, fall apart, Guanghan was unusually angry.

This was the school motto of the Heavenly Dao Academy!

The doctrine that taught countless students!

The students who were still outside watchingwere all shocked.

Guanghan did not care that there were still people watching.

“Today, I will teach you a lesson in how big fish eat little fish!”

A strong killing intent instantly rose from his body.

He had just entered office recently, and this kind of thing happened, which made him furious.

“Golden Brush, suppress!”

With an angry shout, a shining golden brush appeared from his hand and pointed straight at Li Shiyi.


The sound of metal on metal could be heard.

The golden brush in the air broke into pieces.

Guanghan’s magic treasure was destroyed, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“With this kind of ability, don’t come and make a fool of yourself.”


There was another grating sound of metal.

Guanghan fell on his back, and it was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

A small hole appeared in his chest, and it revealed that the armor was directly pierced through.

“Li Shiyi! How dare you hit me so hard?!”

Yuan Guang was both shocked and angry.

This kid from the Heavenly Dao Academy was actually so arrogant.

Zhao Huixiu, who was beside him, did not say a word.

She was already speechless.

Although she had always thought highly of Li Shiyi, she had never thought that he would reach such a level.

Guanghan’s strength was at the peak of the refined state.

According to the array’s senses, the person in front of her was only at the refined state.

However, the strength displayed by Li Shiyi shocked her.

To be able to kill Guanghan in an instant, he must be, at least, at the rebirth state.

“Your so-called leader only has this amount of strength. How dare he call himself sacred?”

Hearing this rhetorical question, Yuan Guang was stunned.

“Good, very good. Next, let the Heavenly Dao Academy tell you what a sacred land is.”

More and more people came from the back of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

“Then come.”

The calm words and the cool figure.

The ordinary students of the Heavenly Dao Academy could only be spectators.

No one expected that while these sacred sons and daughters of the sacred land were still fighting for the ranking on the proclamation of azure sky…

Someone had already directly challenged the older generation and made a move.

Several people came together. There were old and young, men and women.

“This old man…”

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight. Anyway, you won’t be able to take it after a few moves. Come and tell me your name. Isn’t that annoying?”

Hit by Li Shiyi’s words, the old man’s face was furious.


With an angry roar, he flew forward.

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