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Purple Immortal City, a barren place of immortal cultivation near the southern border of the eastern region.

The environment was beautiful, but there were no cultivation resources.

There were large cultivation forces around.

Even the Five Thunder Mountain, one of the top ten cultivation sects in the eastern region, did not want to bother with such a small place.

The large sects and even the larger cultivation families were too lazy to come here.

Southeast of the mountain, there was a small mountain named Plum Creek Mountain because of the small plum trees scattered at the foot of the mountain.

After killing another nine ghosts of the universe, He Xiuxing passed by this place with his yellow dog.

Plum Creek Mountain was only a thousand meters high.

But standing on the top of the mountain and looking down at the flowers, plants, and trees, was very relaxing.

When He Xiuxing passed by this place, he found that there seemed to be heavenly materials and earthly treasures being nurtured inside the mountain.

“Why don’t we wait for a while? If there’s something good, we can bring it back as a gift for master.”

Thus, He Xiuxing settled down on the Plum Creek Mountain.

Time passed. On this day.

More than ten pulsing realm cultivators came to the Plum Creek Mountain’s forest, to drink tea.

They shared their cultivation experiences with each other, flaunting their strength.

Behind them stood dozens of disciples waiting on them.

He cultivated with his five senses, even if he didn’t take the initiative to use his spiritual sense to probe.

He could clearly hear what those cultivators were saying.

The exchanges between those cultivators at the Pulse Realm were only superficial.

Because they were already the people with the strongest cultivation here.

The Purple Immortal City was only this big, and there were only so many resources nearby.

If they exchanged their insights and allowed the other party to gain any benefits, they would not be the ones at a disadvantage.

Therefore, they could easily deal with this kind of exchange.

Even if in reality, they were just unrated cultivators.

A group of beings that did not even reach the lower three realms.

“Mortals. Although they have started cultivating, they are still mortals.”

“When they sip tea and speak, they are actually not showing off to each other.”

“Mortals who have cultivated still can not escape their natural desires.”

He Xiuxing seemed to have realized something as he slowly closed his eyes to comprehend.

After about two hours, he opened his eyes.

“Perhaps the difference between mortals and cultivators isn’t obvious.”

“If a cultivator’s state of mind doesn’t have any experience, then they are mortals who are stronger.”

He had a deeper understanding of the relationship between mortals and cultivators.

Thus, he made a decision.

While he was waiting for the spiritual item to ap

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