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Chapter 88: When the Treasure Was Born, He Cultivated With An Axe

It was late at night and the moon was bright. Everything was quiet.

Outside He Xiuxing’s bamboo hut, there were more than ten cultivators of the Pulse Realm kneeling. Xu Lin was the leader, kowtowing non-stop.

“What are you here for?” He Xiuxing’s faint voice came from inside the bamboo hut.

“In order to break through to the Divine Sea Realm and better pass down the doctrine for you, teacher, we have decided to travel to other countries.”

Xu Lin said respectfully, “I’ve specially come to pay my respects to you.”

“Yes, I understand. You guys can go by yourselves.”

He Xiuxing’s answer was concise and comprehensive.

“But we know that our strength is weak. We are afraid of disgracing your reputation, but they are also afraid of not being able to pass down the doctrine.”

“So we want to ask if you can bestow us with spiritual weapons so that your disciples can protect themselves.”

Xu Lin and the other cultivators looked at each other and gritted their teeth. They spoke shamelessly.

“Oh. This penniless priest doesn’t have a spirit tool to bestow, but I have eight words for you.”

He Xiuxing paused and said leisurely, “The human heart is not enough, and a small snake swallows an elephant.”

He had to exchange those spirit tools for the sect.

Although Ye Changge did not think much of them, as the chief disciple of the branch, he had to do something for the Hidden Edge Sect.

As the eldest disciple, He Xiuxing, these spirit tools represented gifts from the Reclining Firewood Peak to the Hidden Edge Sect. It was a token of his goodwill.

Before Xu Lin and the others could continue to plead, they felt the sky and earth darken.

They swayed as if they were riding on clouds and mist. Then, with a few crackling sounds, they all fell to the ground.

They only fell until their entire bodies were in pain. When they looked around, they were already at the foot of Anxi Mountain.

After personally experiencing the power and inscrutability of He Xiuxing’s methods, Xu Lin and the others were too ashamed and did not have the courage to stay.

They hurriedly packed up their belongings and left with their families and disciples.

Zhang Shao, on the other hand, left early the next morning when He Xiuxing was preaching. In their exchange, He Xiuxing complimented him.

Just like that, the days flew by.

Soon, nearly a year passed.

During this year, many people came to seek guidance.

And He Xiuxing did not refuse any of them.


He Xiuxing stood outside the bamboo hut, looking at Plum Creek Mountain with some nostalgia.

According to his senses just now, the treasure inside Plum Creek Mountain was about to be born.

Although he did not know what it was exactly.

But according to his current senses, that treasure definitely had an effect on stabilizing space.

A treasure that was designed for space

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