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She disappeared in front of the ordinary Heavenly Star City members.

Yu Tianxing went to another hall.

According to her investigation, this was the main hall and the largest palace in Heavenly Star City.

The previous palace was only where the core members gathered.

“Come to the main hall. Core members, come here.”

A telepathic message was sent to Gong Feifan and the others, who were still in a daze.

Everyone seemed like they had just woken from a dream.

“Increase the patrols quickly. Block all the exits of Heavenly Star City. No one is allowed to go out.”

“Everyone, listen up. No one is allowed to go out for the time being. Those who disobey will be executed!”

She gave the order and controlled the situation.

All the core members quickly flew to the main hall.

Yu Tianxing sat on the dragon throne, waiting for them to arrive.

“Your majesty!”

Everyone bowed.

“Control the spineless ones who begged for mercy just now. They are not allowed to become core members anymore.”

With that, the expressions of the members who had begged Gong Tianyi and the others changed drastically.

“Your majesty! Please forgive us! We were forced to do this!”

“Your Majesty! I just wanted to be polite to Gong Tianyi and the others. I didn’t really want to join them.”

“Yes, yes, please forgive us!”

Some people’s faces were pale and their lips were trembling.

Many people were indeed quibbling.

Yu Tianxing raised his eyebrows.

Her majestic aura was instantly exerted onto them.

The purple flames were raging. Those who were still clamoring were all sucked in and wailed in pain.

All of a sudden, everyone fell silent.

“Why are all the people in Heavenly Star City like this now?”

They heard her majestic words.

Then those who were standing in front of her majesty could no longer remain calm. They all confessed.

“We have disappointed the Great Emperor. Please punish us, Great Emperor.”

“We are useless. Please punish us, Great Emperor.”

Gong Feifan, the fifth ancestor, and the others bowed respectfully.

Even more people were frightened by the power of the purple flames.

Their legs went weak for a moment, and they fell to their knees.

After all, she was their ancestor, so it was reasonable for them to kneel down.

Yu Tianxing was very disappointed in these guys.

If it weren’t for the fact that they were her inheritance and were still quite powerful, she would have left right away.

“After so many years, you were also known as the ‘sacred land’. You must have accumulated a lot of money over the years.”

“Let me see what treasures you have and where the treasury is.”

Gong Feifan and the fifth ancestor looked at each other.

“I have the authority to enter the treasury. I’ll bring the Emperor in to choose!”

According to the current situation, the entire Heavenly Star City belonged to the Emperor.

Gong Feifan thought it through.


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