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After He Xiuxing finished answering his question, Xu Lin, Zhang Shao, and the others looked at each other and stood up.

“Senior, if you teach me the secret technique to break through to the Primordial Liquid Realm, I’m afraid I’ll offend those big merchants.”

“Please be extremely careful. They are powerful and ruthless in their ways.”

He Xiuxing smiled and said, “It’s alright. I only opened a training hall here to teach you the secret techniques to break through to the Primordial Liquid Realm when I saw that itinerant cultivators usually have no way to learn it.”

However, he did not directly answer the threats of those big merchants.

Zhang Shao could only say, “Since senior does not care about it, why don’t you ask the fellow Daoists who are listening to the Dao here not for the reason of publicising it?”

Xu Lin said, “Right. If that’s the case, the big merchants might not know about it after senior finishes speaking.”

There was a little selfishness in this.

“There’s no need. Those who can come and listen to the Dao are all fated to.”

He Xiuxing rejected his suggestion and returned to the bamboo hut with a smile.

Seeing that He Xiuxing was quite confident, these cultivators finally let go of some of their worries.

… Jing An City.

In the backyard of the Jing An branch of the Six Zhuo trading company, the head shopkeeper was fuming.

“What’s going on?! In the past six months, the Dao books and jade slips have been selling less and less.”

“This month, don’t even mention the cultivation techniques before reaching the Pulse Realm. Even the cultivation techniques of the Pulse Realm and the Primordial Liquid Realm have not been sold!”

The head shopkeeper threw the account book on the table.

The shopkeepers and deacons looked at each other for a long time before a deacon, Chen, stood up.

He answered awkwardly, “Head shopkeeper, you just came back from the main store, so you don’t know anything.”

“In the past half of the year, there has been a Primordial Liquid Realm cultivator who opened a Daoist rite temple on Plum Creek Mountain in Purple Immortal City and openly taught us his Daoist techniques.”

“Now that he has talked about the cultivation of the Primordial Liquid Realm, those cultivators have heard it for free, so why would they spend spirit stones to buy our cultivation techniques?”

The news of He Xiuxing opening a Daoist rite temple had gradually spread throughout the vicinity of Purple Immortal City, and many cultivators rushed to Purple Immortal City, travel-worn.

The head shopkeeper’s face immediately turned dark, and terrifyingly livid.

He took a few steps before saying, “There’s actually such a person. There’s actually someone who would do such a thing to harm others even though it does not benefit himself.”

“Hmph, it’s just a Primordial Liquid Realm cultivator. Even if he’s a grandmaster of the Divine Sea Realm, our Six Zhuo trading company can make

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